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How to Survive a Relationship Breakup

Updated on March 5, 2012

Survive Your Break up by Exuding Confidence Not Tears

Hey...What person likes a relationship split up? It sucks to break up with someone you love. Life can easily jump up and bite you on the ass, but you don't have to say ouch. It seems like the first days are the bleakest, but then you'll start to understand what is actually going on. Especially if you are considering winning your ex back again.

Figuring out what steps to take to mend your busted romance can be difficult. They have apparently abandoned hope on salvaging your friendship, or else they would certainly have attempted to work things out with you. Individuals can screw up, and he can do the same. It's a lot more challenging to discuss relationship problems when you are no longer a couple and you have split up.

But, where there is faith, there is always an opportunity. But first, stop and contemplate what would be the best for you. Will repairing this failed partnership seriously make your daily existence better or worse? If you pursue your boyfriend for the wrong reasons, your results will probably make things worse. Do not try to win your man back simply to deprive him of other girls. If your motives are pure and honest, then you have all the appropriate reasons to pursue your guy.

You can't win every battle and winning your ex back could easily fall into this category, as well. He may only want to be close friends. This is because his strong feelings for you have changed, and the man no longer feels the same interest he once had for you. Consider that, and if you don't reunite with him, remember that you did the best you can.

Looking burning hot and sexy, and appearing like you are romantically finished with him is an excellent way to test the man's real emotions for you. No guy will be drawn to a broke down self-pitying girl who simply needs a shoulder to weep on. Getting in touch with your ex before you have achieved the proper emotional frame of mind could be very harmful to your success. Imagine he is dreaming about you, and what you're doing, and suddenly his smartphone rings and it is you crying and sobbing, pleading him to come back, he will think dumping you was the right thing to do.

Instead of thinking about reconnecting with him, start concentrating on your individual satisfaction, and begin to have fun being a single woman again. Prove to yourself and the whole world that you know how to cope with a break up. Keep up with your everyday routines. Keep yourself "tuned up" and never let your self go, you know you are a great mate, so act like it. Avoid turning into a hermit.

The less you act like you need your ex back, and the more independent you feel, the more he'll take notice. Keep a low profile whenever your ex boyfriend is about, do not allow it to be obvious, just make it appear like you are moving forward with your personal life, and all is great in your world.

If he does initiate some communication, make it short and sweet. Work in how complete your life has been, and sound self-assured and happy. Avoid getting carried away by his attention. Don't act real excited to be talking with him, keep it simple and light. That could turn the tables. If he attempts to set up a casual date be sure you arrive looking hot. Stop him from making any intimate contact, and don't allow him to get too cozy with you. A casual embrace before you leave, as long as you initiate it, would be all right. At this point he may start to get very confused. If you've been confident and remained aloof, it is very possible you have set the stage for getting him back again.

Coping with a break up and getting back together again is much easier when you employ a strategy. Rediscover your self first, and you'll open the door for the love you seek. Looking your best will help with any man you meet, as well as increasing your own self worth. Backing off your ex boyfriend gives him plenty of time to reevaluate his behavior. After some time to think, he will wonder about you, and eventually make contact. Making yourself an exciting challenge will surely go in your favor when it comes to surviving a breakup.


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