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How to Tell If a Guy Has a Crush on You?

Updated on April 26, 2011

Well, here we are again, it’s Mike again, and I’m here to help you out on one thing only how to know if a guy has a crush on you? Well It’s not that complicated, talking about if a guy likes you or may consider dating you is a more general thing, but if you want to know if a guy really has a crush on you – read on, it’s not too hard.

·         always finds reasons to talk to you and be around you – This is what I used to do back in High School… Everytime I had the opportunity, I went to this girls classroom and asked her for stupid things, the most idiotic and blatant things, just so I could hang around her and talk to her. I wanted to be around her.. So I always found an excuse to do exactly that 

·         helping you with almost anything – This is what guys do when they have a crush on you – they want to help you with anything, just to kind of receive “extra points” in your eyes. If you ever said something like “Oh I’m having a hard time with x… It’ so hard” and he goes like “HEY I CAN HELP I KNOW I KNOOW”  They look for the stupidest opportunity to show value by offering help or actually helping you – carrying stuff for you etc.

·         leaving his friends for you - Well in a school environment, if he is used to hanging around with his buddies in kind of packs, if he breaks away from the pack to talk to you – be sure that he likes you, he wouldn’t do that for any other girl.

·         showing off – Try to catch this. I cannot really think of examples, but they will try to impress you by doing some “heroic” stuff – helping an old lady maybe, or getting rid of an annoying kid. Then after they DO that, they will fake modesty and be like “Well… That was really nothing… Business as usual…”

·         grabing a seat next to you – Oh yes. They will do this  Either next to you or just close to you, but they will try to make it look unintentional. Don’t be naive, he likes you

·         touching, hugging – Guys simply biologically want to be in contact with the women they like – so they will try from time to time to get closer to you, to go a step closer. If you notice that last time you just shook hands, and now you are kissing on the cheeks when greeting, and next time, hugging… I think that’s a great sign

That’s all for now girls, but stay tuned ‘cause there will be more content comming, I’m gonna cover everything – how to tell if your best friend likes you for example. If you want to learn more on how to know if a guy likes you, you can find more tips at my place by clicking here.

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