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How to Tell If a Guy Likes You: Is he losing interest?

Updated on April 5, 2011

Girls, today I want to reveal to you a very important thing. I will explain WHY you want to know if he likes you, why you NEED to know if a guy likes you, and what to do if you know…

I get this all the time, girls are on the verge of knowing if a guy likes them… But all of a sudden the guy retracts and starts to lose interest. Why does that happen? Well, it’s your fault…

Read on.

It’s your fault, becaues he probably DOES LIKE YOU! BUT, you did not show him any “love” back on time…


So what happened here is, he was testing the field, but once he got no feedback, he got convinced that YOU do not like HIM, which is a situation in which you do not want to be x)

Well how do we solve this ladies? It is simple. Really.


I already talked about this. But I would like to emphasize it.
This is not explaining how to tell if a guy likes you… This is explaining
you how to KNOW if a guy likes you…

So trust your instincts. If you ever get this inner feeling while talking to him, like a small tingle in your stomach, after he says something cute or funny whatever…

Watch out for it. Don’t be surprised, embrace it. Feel it, don’t start questioning it. This is because these inner signals – they tell the real truth. Then our minds interfere and start asking tons of questions and you get confused…

Shut off the mind and again – trust your instincts.

So ladies… Make sure that you can show him that you like him as well!!!
Don’t get so caught up in your thinking without showing him any affection back, because he will bail. Smile back. Say something cute back – don’t be afraid.

Trust your instincts and relax girls.

If you want to find out more on how to tell if a guy likes you, you should check out this great site by clicking here.




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