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How to Tell Your Ex is Only Looking to Hook Up

Updated on June 30, 2014

So you and your ex broke up. You agree to be friends. The other day while hanging out you kissed. You wonder are you back together or was it a mistake? Before you start getting your high hopes up here are ways to tell if your ex is looking for a hookup:

1) He says things like "The next time we meet I want to make out with you."

2) If you say you do not want to make out he shuts down and ignores you completely.

3) He calls you at late hours of the night to come over (given).

4) He invites himself over unexpectedly.

5) He calls you "Sexy" instead of pretty or fun to be around.

6) He won't let his parents or friends know he is hanging out with you.

7) He wants to know how many drinks it takes to get you drunk.

8) He only sees you once a week for an hour.

9) He won't have long conversations with you.

If you are hanging our with your ex and he is doing any of this it means he is looking for a hookup only. Don't let yourself get sucked into his sweet words because in the end only you will get hurt.


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