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How to Tell Your Parents That You Are Dating

Updated on June 26, 2015

Dating and Teenagers

Having found the perfect girl or guy to date is fantastic but now you have to let mom and dad know what you are doing and you are too afraid?

Well, don't worry because there are a few simple ways to tell your parents that you would like to date without them going crazy and grounding you for life!

Going into teenage years can be difficult and the truth is parents are afraid of their children growing up. Dating is a nightmare for parents because it was just the other day that you were in nappies!

So when you do get to ask them if you can go out and start dating, remember that you need to be sensitive to their feelings as they now realise that you are growing up.

Go easy on your parents when you get to go on your first date
Go easy on your parents when you get to go on your first date

How to Tell your Parents that you want to start dating

The age for dating differs from home to home and person to person, depending on your maturity levels and the friends that you surround yourself with.

The first thing that you need to do before you decide on your own that you will be going on a date, is to discuss it with your parents.

You need to understand emotions and curfews as well as respect for other people. Being responsible is also extremely important when you begin to date.

Approach your parents and let them know that you do like a girl/ boy at school and you would like to go out with them on a date.

Tell them about the person that you are wanting to take out and ensure that you have all the facts about where they come from, where they live, age, likes, dislikes, friends that you both know, in fact you need to be ready for any questions that they will ask you about the person.

If you are under sixteen then the answer will probably be no to dating and yes to a group hang.

Sixteen is a good time to start dating because you are settled in high school, puberty is something that you have gotten used to by now and you are a little more responsible then before.

You need to prepare to tell your parents that you would like to date;

let them know that you are responsible, you will be respectful and you will be honest about what you are going to be doing.

Be prepared to tell them who and why;

They need to know who it is and where they come from, the history of the person that you are wanting to date.

Tell them why you like this person and let them know exactly how you feel.

Tell your parents where you would like to go on the date;

Your parents will probably have to take and fetch the two of you so they need to know where you will be going. Give them times that you are thinking of and let them know that you will be safe and you will be responsible for the person with you.

Allow your parents the chance to meet the person before a date;

This way they can feel safer knowing who you are with by meeting him/her before you go out alone into the big, big world.

Parents are a good judge of character so it will be a good idea for them to meet before you decide to get serious.

Be completely honest with your parents;

As long as you show that you are responsible by being honest with your parents then they will allow you to go out.

You need to be honest and open so that they know what is going on with you at all times and where you are headed.

If you ask for permission before you start dating, it will make things a whole lot easier on everyone.

Don't be embarrassed;

Everyone has to grow up at some stage and we all have needs, crushes and want to fall in love. Open and honest communication with your parents will make lives much easier when you start dating. Don't be embarrassed to talk to them because it is natural. By speaking out, you might allow yourself the opportunity to date.

Respect your parents decision
Respect your parents decision

Respect Your Parents Decision on Dating

Once you have spoken to your parents, allow them time to process what you have just told them and give them space to think. Do not pressure them for an answer right away and don't nag because if you are old enough to want to date then you are old enough not to nag.

Whatever their answer is you need to respect it because they are your parents and they do have the last say. If they do say no then you need to accept their decision and respect it.

You might not be ready to date and they may have reasons why they are not allowing you to. Whatever it is, take it in and accept it unless there is a way to change their decision with a change in you.

Should they say yes, then you need to respect their rules and accept the times and places that you are allowed to go. They are trusting you to be responsible and honest, therefore you must not let them down or give them a reason to change their minds.

Your parents will want you to be responsible by sticking to the venue that you have decided on, being on time for your curfew and being respectful to yourself and your date.

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If his/her parents say no and your parents say yes

That is a sad dilemma because you will then not be able to go out on a date and you can either get your parents to help you convince the other parents or you can go and speak to them.

By having one set of parents say no, it would mean that your dating would have to be put on hold until both parents say that it is fine. It could be that they find their teenager to young, too irresponsible or very vague about the plans.

There is not much that you can do and it is best to stay out of it unless you want to mess up your chances in the future. You need to respect the decision and wait until both parents are ready to say yes.

Attacking the other parents with the use of your parents help might not help you very much and if his/her parents feel pressured they will say no indefinitely.

Respect their decision and move forward.

Respect your parents because they know whats best for you!
Respect your parents because they know whats best for you!

What to Expect from your parents when you go on a first date

Your parents will be feeling a little scared and perhaps thinking that you are too young to start dating. Dating someone is a serious responsibility to yourself and your partner. They also do not want you to get hurt and they don't want you to hurt someone else.

The biggest fear for parents is that you might want to get serious and become sexually active, which could lead to many problems if you are unaware of the dangers.

They need you to be honest and tell them the truth about where you are going and what you are going to do.

Let them know how the date went too and keep them updated on what is happening in your life.

Your parents will want to drop you off and then they will expect you to be on time.

They will be nervous for you and hope that you have chosen someone nice to go out with.

The venue you choose could also make them nervous.

You are also so young and to settle for a relationship that might become serious will also cause your parents to worry.

It might effect your school work and if it gets serious, it might stop you from exploring life as a free youth.

If parents ask you questions remember that it is their right to do so and that they have a lot more experience then you do. Parents can look at someone and know whether or not that person is good enough for you. So listen to them, respect them and keep them informed about your are their little baby, after all.


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