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How to Tell a Boy You Want Him without Scaring Him

Updated on February 11, 2013

Love is beautiful

Hi friends . Today I want to tell you how you can tell a boy that you really love him without making him scared. You need to follow 5 simple steps as written below :-

Step 1 :- Main thing here comes is about understanding. At first you need to see in his eyes if he shows some little or least care or not atleast. That means you also know if there is small hint also we can take huge risk for it . So it's better for you to make friendship with him well or try to make him feel you are supporting him over things .

Step 2 :- Step 2 is more easier than making friendship or knowing better. Step 2nd tells you need to search for special occasion , specially at Night or evening time. You should tell him 4-5 times earlier that you have something special which will make him happy before you express love and desire for him. This way guy becomes curious and tries to listen ladies more.

Step 3 :- Ask to attain somewhere , at romantic place or cafe but mostly prefered at night or evening time as it's always romantic .

Step 4:- Hug him at same time and whisper in his ears that you want him and you love him so much and ask how he thinks for you . Being out i.e at cafe or somewhere he wont be able to argue neither he will be shock as you will provide him 4-5 times hint before you do this .

Step 5:- Another day stay clam and let him communicate and tell regarding how he thinks and what he thought of you . He will call you or talk to you if you become positive.


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