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How to Tell a Guy is a Clinger

Updated on January 13, 2014

So you met a guy and he likes you. There is only one problem you feel he is clingy. How do you know weather or not he is being clingy?

1) You do not even know him and he is saying things that he should say later on. It's great when a guy is romantic but usually it happens once you are actually in a relationship or when things start to feel serious.

2) He talks about your future together. Take one day at a time especially before you even start dating. You do not know the other person until you are actually dating. So make sure you are both focusing on the present and not on the future.

3) He wants to know who the guy in your profile picture is. If you are single you are free to do whatever you want. You are allowed to have guy friends and if he gets suspicious early on it may mean that he is controlling and once you are in a relationship with him he will cause you nothing but trouble.

If you feel that a guy is being clingy he probably is. Have a talk with him because being clingy could lead to being controlling and obsessive. It is actually a scary feeling when someone is co-dependent on the other person especially when they have not known each other that long.


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