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How to Tell If You're Loved in Return?

Updated on November 22, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

My true love has my heart!
My true love has my heart! | Source

Love Involves Taking a Risk

Love is a deeply personal subject, and you may not feel comfortable talking about your love life. I understand! There are important things to consider when you are in love with someone. The first is you need to love and to feel loved in return. Next, you must recognize the barriers to being loving and feeling loved.

Love involves risks, especially the risk of losing your love, and of being rejected. The act of loving another person entails the possibility of that person leaving you more painfully alone than you were before. This can truly happen if the relationship dies, or your spouse, unfortunately, abandons you or passes away. This is not a valid reason to not ever love! Truly, you will not fully live life or enjoy a rich existence, unless you genuinely love. Notice, love involves a real commitment.

A Loving Relationship Takes Work

You do not want to fool yourself by making all sorts of excuses for an uncaring spouse, since you're so in love, or are too familiar with your relationship. "Love is hard," they say. However, when it comes down to it, you honestly want to receive the same love the way, you love. Your understanding of genuine love will help you to recognize, if your lover is truly in love with you, or simply infatuated with you.

When lovers or family members engage in emotionally cutting someone off to gain control, a remarkable negative power is at stake. Realize a loveless life is typically characterized by isolation, alienation, and sadness.

Stick to each other and your love will naturally grow. Don't ever give up on love!
Stick to each other and your love will naturally grow. Don't ever give up on love! | Source

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What Does to Fall in Love Mean?

Psychologist Buscaglia defines the phrase “to fall in love,” because, to fall in love is invariably temporary since most people believe they will “fall out of love” if the relationship continues long enough. He contends that it’s more accurate to say that you will “grow in love,” which implies choice and effort: “We really don’t fall out of love any more than we fall into it.

When love dies, one or both partners have neglected it, have failed to replenish and renew it. Like any other living, growing thing, love requires much effort to keep it healthy.”

With this said, you can now figure out if you're truly loved in return. When you are truly loved your spouse will care about your well-being, and make sure your family respects you. Your mom, dad, sister, brother or spouse will consider your needs and love you regardless of your faults. They will work with you, and do nice things for you, without you needing to beg or nag. They will put your needs before their own because they love you unconditionally.

You Must Be Worthy of Being Loved

For instance, your spouse will call you throughout the day to know how you are and ask you about your dinner plans. You will go on family vacations and enjoy each other’s company with mutual respect, and have fun. Grudges are not kept for too long, and issues are usually worked out to your satisfaction.

To love you must believe you are worthy of being loved; this calls for an egotistical self-love, because, you cannot truly "love in return," unless you love and appreciate yourself. Don’t let the "fear of love" impede you enjoy a loving relationship, because there are no guarantees in love. You must love in spite of your fears and strive to satisfy yourself to live a pleasant life.

Although true love results in the growth of both persons, there is a love that is “stifling.” A smothering love is a person whose love is not genuine. One who must have a commanding voice takes possession and always makes decisions for you. Such a person puts little trust in the love relationship, and fastens the strings to loving, and purely loves on a conditional basis.

This happens since commitment is lacking, and the other person merely fills a void in his or her life. It's important to face an honesty with yourself when you are not feeling or expressing genuine love. Because then you can decide to change! Realize love is freely given and love grows. Love is also a two-way street.

A man will appreciate a worthy woman.
A man will appreciate a worthy woman. | Source

I Can't Help Falling in Love with You

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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