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How to Tell if Your Girlfriend Is Searching Your Bedroom

Updated on June 21, 2013

Is she snooping?


A lot of men want to know if their girlfriend is searching their personal items, particular in the bedroom where they keep some of their most personal belongings. Here I am going to give you some tips on how to tell if your girlfriend is searching your bedroom and what you should do about it if she is.

Is your girlfriend searching your bedroom?

Tip 1: Keep a close watch on your stuff

A great way to know if your girlfriend is snooping is to memorize where everything is in your bedroom. That way, when you leave her alone and come back into the room, you can check to see if anything has moved. If it has, chances are she's been looking through your stuff. If not, then she's either not snooping or she's pretty good at hiding her tracks.

Tip 2: Look for hair

Ok, you might think this is ridiculous, but women typically leave a lot of hair lying around. If you can find some hairs in your personal items, your drawers or cupboards then there's a good chance she's been snooping around. However, be careful of this one as stray hairs can travel long and far even if she hasn't been snooping.

Tip 3: Casually bring up the topic where it's happened to a "friend"

A great way to know if your girlfriend is searching through things in your bedroom is to casually bring up the topic and talk about a "friend" you know who has found out his girlfriend goes through his stuff. She how she reacts to the conversation. If she defends the "friend's" girlfriend then chances are she's doing the same. But be careful. Even is she says its "terrible" or "disgusting", she might just be doing to same thing!

Tip 4: The 'small item' test

Leave a small item at the top of your drawers. It can be anything, even a small hair. Just choose something that won't be easily noticed. Then, when you go to look in your drawers again, have a look to see if the item is still there. If not, it's probably fallen to the floor when someone has opened the drawer. That means she's probably searching your bedroom.

Tip 5: Purposely put something in a hidden spot she won't be happy to find

Guys, you know you've probably got things you don't want your girlfriend to find. Well, put it somewhere hidden without making it too difficult to find. Women generally can't help themselves and, if they find it, they will make some comment about it (even if they don't admit outright they found it). Looks for clues in your conversation with them. If they say something about the hidden item, you've caught them snooping!

Tip 6: The "how did you know that" test

Leave something relating to some personal information in a hidden place but which is not too hard to find. A perfect example is details of your latest payment from work. Then, say something which is contrary to that information you hid. For example, say you don't have any money on the day she would know (if she's been snooping) you got paid. When she says "I thought you got paid today" (or something like that) you've caught her out.

Tip 7: Direct confrontation

If you suspect, then you can directly confront her. I recommend taking a soft approach rather than outright accusing her. If you accuse her, you'll just get her off side and your relationship might be headed for rocky territory.

What to do if she's snooping?

So what should you do if you discover your girlfriend has been searching through your bedroom and seeing all your personal items? Here's a list of some different ways to deal with the issue. You can use one or more of these different methods.

  • Confront her and tell her you know she's been looking through you stuff. As I said above, I recommend taking a softer approach so you don't get her off side and create even more issues.
  • Ask her why she's looking through your bedroom. Maybe she has some trust issues from a past relationship? Perhaps she actually has a good reason for suspecting you're up to no good. If you understand why she's doing it, you should be able to reassure her that she can trust you.
  • Break up with her. This might seem drastic and it is! But if she can't trust you and continues to search through your bedroom (and anything else), you need to consider whether or not to stay with her. Trust is the cornerstone of any good relationship.
  • Pick better hiding places for your personal items you don't want her to find! Lock them down and make sure she doesn't see them.
  • Be open and honest and tell her exactly what you have in your room, even if you think she won't be happy about it.
  • I wouldn't recommend this, but one option is to take revenge and go through her bedroom. Often, people who snoop have much to hide themselves. They won't be happy if you start searching through their stuff.

Have any other tips? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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    • Duchessoflilac1 profile image

      Rebecka Vigus 4 years ago from Johns Island, SC

      Not all women snoop. If they are secure in their relationship, they don't need to. My companion on the other hand has been through everything I own and he tells me he has.