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How to Thank Bridesmaids

Updated on February 16, 2011


 Your bridesmaids, including maid or matron of honor, play a very important part in your wedding. They are responsible for your shower, bachelorette party, buying their attire for the wedding and keeping the bride sane during the whole process. It can become stressful for them as well. As a bride, remember their feelings and concerns as well. Also, make sure that they realize that you are truly grateful for them to a part of your big day and thanking them along the way will make them feel appreciated for all of their dedication to you and your big day. Here are ways to thank your bridesmaids.

 First, after you ask them to be a part of your wedding, send the bridesmaids a thank you card or note stating your appreciation of accepting. Being in a wedding is a big financial responsibility and you want them to know that you are sincerely happy they accepted.

Next, when looking for the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses and shoes, try not to pick expensive things. Think about what your bridesmaids can afford. If they are fresh out of college, they may not be able to afford a $200 dollar dress and $75.00 dollar shoes. Or some of your bridesmaids, may be married with children and can't afford to spend a lot either. Try to pick a dress and shoes that are affordable for your bridesmaids as well as something they can wear again and not just to your wedding. While shopping for the bridesmaid's, attire, invite them to come along with you. Every girl is shaped differently and you don't want them to be uncomfortable in the dress.

 Another way to thank your bridesmaids, is to have a luncheon for them. You can either have it at a restaurant or at your home with finger foods or wine and cheese. This is also a good time for the bridesmaids who may not know each other to meet.

Usually the bride buys jewelry for the bridesmaids to wear in the wedding. However, it is not necessary. You can just simply have them wear pearl or diamond studs (not real) in the wedding. Instead, give them a thank you gift at the rehearsal dinner or bridesmaids luncheon. You can give gifts such as bath gel, gift card to a restaurant or stationary.


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