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How to Treat a Girl Right

Updated on March 22, 2013
How to treat a lady
How to treat a lady | Source

If you are looking for tips on how treat a girl, the good news is that you care enough about someone that you want to treat them right! It’s true that everyone is different but these are some basic tips that everyone should follow. Remember to always use common sense when you are with someone: be thoughtful and kind, and treat her the way you would like to be treated.

Tips on How to Treat a Woman

1) Listen to Her when She Talks
Listen to what she has to say and what she wants you to know. If it’s important enough for her to tell you about it, listening to what she is saying shows that you care. Try not to interrupt her when she is talking and give her your full attention and be sure to make eye contact.Don’t check your phone or look around when she is talking. Be polite and above all else, never be rude to her.

2) Take an Active Interest in Her
Ask her questions about herself, her family, her hobbies and interests. Do you know a lot about her? Open up to her and tell her about yourself, but make sure that you learn about her as well. Ask her how her day was, and how she is doing.

3) Be Chivalrous
Some people might argue that chivalry is dead. Some people also seem to think that women no longer want to be treated chivalrously, but chivalry is all about respect and everyone can appreciate being treated kindly. Sometimes chivalry is just a simple, sweet gesture where you do something polite for someone. You can practice chivalry by holding a door open for her, offering her your seat if she is standing and you are not, and letting her go first when you do things, such as when you order food at a restaurant.

4) Respect Her
If you want to treat a girl right, respect is the number one thing you can do for her. Being respectful means respecting her opinions, her future plans, her goals and what she believes in. Most importantly: respect her as a person. You can respect someone even if you don’t agree with her opinions, but it’s important to realize that her thoughts and feelings aren’t any less important than your own.

5) Be Aware of Boundaries
Be aware of what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Never intentionally try to make a girl feel uncomfortable. This means understanding her personal space and boundaries. If she tells you she doesn’t like something that you are are doing, or something that you have done in the past, keep that in mind and try not to do it again. If you are doing something that she doesn’t like and she asks you to stop, then stop. No means no, it doesn’t mean maybe and she isn’t saying no, but thinking yes.

6) Don’t Criticize Her Looks
If you think it’s fun to point out someone's flaws, think again. Never ridicule her for her imperfections. She accepts you the way you are, so you should accept her the way she is. Don’t try to change someone into what you want them to be either. In time, your issues will cause resentment.

7) Compliment Her
Instead of pointing out flaws, try to focus on the positive stuff. It’s nice to give people compliments because it makes them feel good about themselves. Find something about this girl that you think is really special and be sure to mention that to her. The best compliments are the ones that are true. Be sure to mention how great she looks, how smart she is, or how wonderful she makes you feel.

8) Don’t Lie to Her
If you want to treat someone right, tell them the truth and act like yourself. Don’t try to be somebody else because you think it’s what she wants to hear. A girl should like you for who you are, not what you wish you were. Furthermore if she finds out that you lied to her, her feelings will be hurt and she might never be able to trust you again.

9) Spend Time with Her
Spend time doing activities together. Find pastimes that you can do together and interests that you both share. Watch TV, play games, go shopping, go to the movie theater and whatever activities you share in common. It’s important to find activities that you can enjoy together.

10) Do Things That She Likes to do
Sometimes hanging out with someone means making small sacrifices; by doing activities that the other person likes to to do, even if it’s not something that you particularly care for. It’s OK to make a small sacrifice and do something that the other person likes if you know it will make them happy. For example if you have different tastes in movies, take turns picking the movie that you guys watch together.

11) Give Her a Gift
You don’t need to spend a lot of money on someone to treat a person right, but If you want to do something nice for a girl, you can always get them a gift. Think about what types of things she likes and what type of gift she might appreciate. You can always buy her something, but you can make something as well. It can be something simple and thoughtful like a music cd, a card or note telling her how you feel. If there is something you know she is looking for, and you come across it, it might be a wonderful idea to pick it up for her. The best types of gifts are the ones that come from the heart and when you give a thoughtful give, it will be appreciated.

12) Keep in Touch
When you are thinking of her, send her a text message or an email to let her know just that. Send her a message to ask how she is doing or just to say hi. She will appreciate that you are keeping in touch and that you want to talk to her.


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    • DrivingPeace profile image

      Greg Weber 4 years ago from Montana

      I was talking with some guy friends recently and they were saying how they have no idea what a woman means when she wants to "be romanced." But I think a lot of the points you make in this Hub are not only how to treat women respectfully, they are also the basic foundations of being romantic. Things like listening, showing interest, giving compliments and generosity are what a lot of women mean when they want guys to be "romantic." Men think romance is so complicated, but it's really just an enhanced version of being a nice, sociable person.