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How to Write a Romantic Love Letter

Updated on February 1, 2013
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Marye Audet-White is an internationally known food writer, food editor for Texas Living, cookbook author, and food blogger.

Although more people think about how to write a romantic love letter around Valentine’s Day, it is something that you can do at any time during the year.  The ability to write romantically can be learned and it is a great way to add a little spark to your relationship.

Your letter can be written on paper with ink, in an email, in a card or even text message.  It isn’t so much how many words that are written, it is the meaning behind the words.

So, if you are ready to cause your significant other to melt into your arms grab your pen and get ready to write.


Know Your Reader

The first rule of romantic prose is that it has to be romantic to the person reading it.  That means that if you find flowery Victorian poetry romantic and your partner does not, well it does you no good to write a letter filled with Victorian verse.

Instead, just as if you were writing for a freelance assignment, know your audience.  As a general rule men like eroticism and women like flowery written emotion.  This is only a general rule and does not hold true in each case.  Hopefully you have been with your love long enough to get an idea of how they like to be wooed.  If not keep it in the safe zone, not too flowery and not too explicit.

What to Say

How about saying how you feel?  Think about this a minute.  There are lots of ways to say, “I love you.”

Think, how does he/she make you feel when you are together?  Does your heart pound?  Do you love to look into his/her eyes? Say so!

Once you have written about how you feel, how about some good, old fashioned admiration?  Does he have a six pack that make you wild? Does her hair make you want to touch it because it is so soft?

Now, what about your future?  What are your hopes, your dreams, and the longings of your heart?   

Your letter needs to be genuine.  Don’t write differently than you speak but write deeper than you speak.  Most people can say things with the written word that they could not say verbally.

The Erotic Letter

If you are going for eroticism then you will want to think specifically about the physical sensations that you feel when you are together.  You will most likely use different words than you would in a purely romantic love letter.  Depending on your mate you may write very explicitly or use words in such a way that the meaning is clear but the words are lower key.

An effective technique when writing the erotic letter is to write a story about the two of you.  Use one of your fantasies and embellish it as much as you wish.  A weekend in the French countryside?  A ski vacation?  A secret tryst in an exotic city?  Anyone of these experiences can be the basis for your letter.

The List

Another perfectly acceptable love letter is the list.  If it is good enough for Elizabeth Barrett Browning then it can work for you, too.  Just take a piece of paper and write at the top, “25 Reasons that I Love You”.

Now, all you need to do is to come up with twenty-five reasons.  How difficult is that?  Think about how he/she looks, the characteristics that you admire about them, and the endearing quirks and habits that make them special.  The list is the easiest of all love letters to write but is one of the most effective.

How to Write a Love Letter

The Blog

Blogging is an awesome way to write an on-going love letter.  I spent a year keeping a blog for my husband, writing him short notes about how amazing he is, how much I love him, and other things.  It was fun for him to go to the blog site everyday when he had a few minutes and see what I had written. 

BlogSpot is free and is an easy platform to learn if you have never blogged before.  You just walk through the easy instructions to create your very own blog.  Give it a special address and special name so that your love knows how amazing you think they really are. 

Blogs are something most people know how to write.  A romantic love letter doesn’t have to be the same type letter that someone would have written a century ago.  Learn to think outside the box.

Make It Special

If you are sending a letter then make it special in some way:

  • Use colored paper.  Pastels or even bright colors are great.
  • Use colored inks and gel pens
  • Add glitter or confetti to the envelope
  • Add dried rose petals to the envelope
  • Have someone copy the letter and envelope in calligraphy
  • Use red sealing wax on the back of the envelope

Knowing How to Write a Romantic Love Letter Takes Practice

Writing a romantic love letter for Valentine’s Day or any other day is not difficult once you start.  It is writing that first sentence that is the hardest.  Once you have that written you may find that the words flow easily onto the paper.

After you have done it once you will find that it gets easier to write every time.  Most people feel intimidated because they are afraid that they will say something stupid and that makes them look silly.  When you love someone, when you are intimate with them, then you are willing to be a fool for love. 

And you will probably find that, rather than looking silly, you have scored big points on Valentine’s Day.


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