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How to be a cool geek: Ways to be nerdy, geeky and cool at the same time

Updated on June 25, 2013
How to be a cool geek?
How to be a cool geek? | Source

How to be a cool geek or a cool nerd? The loud extroverts will say that it is impossible but the truth is that geeks, nerds and introverts are some of the coolest people with the coolest personalities.

From smartphones to laptops, from relationships to crushes, from success to work, from fashion to fitness and from the outdoors to the indoors – this post touches many elements of the geeky lifestyle of a guy or a girl. Find out how you can be cool, geeky, nerdy and proud at the same time.

1) Own all the latest computing and smart gadgets: Computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone

Geeks and gadgets are inseparable. You cannot call yourself a cool geek if you don't have the latest computing gadgets which include a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and a smartphone.

You can really emerge as the coolest in your geeky circle of friends if you own the best gadgets. For example, a geek who owns a maxed out Alienware gaming desktop, Apple MacBook Pro, the latest iPad and the latest iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy smartphone will definitely have a cool aura around him or her.

2) Flaunt your gadgets with cool accessories

Owning the latest gadgets is just not enough if you really want to be identified as a cool geek. You should look like a person who takes pride in gadget ownership and the first step in doing so, is to top up your gadgets with cool accessories.

For example, a strong Otterbox case for iPhone is a must if you want to use your iPhone while camping out with friends. Your laptop should ideally have at least one cool sticker and your tablet should have a cover which doubles up as a stand. A keyboard dock for a tablet is also a must have.

3) Be the cool and sexy geek: Stay fit by exercising at the gym or at home

Improve your overall body image by exercising and staying fit. Cool geeks are the ones who look fit and have toned bodies. You should buy a treadmill or elliptical for your home if you are not keen on going to the gym and exercising in front of strangers.

4) Make traveling your hobby: Traveling can make anyone look cool

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and fun things anyone can do. You will instantly stand out as a cool person if you start posting pictures of your travels on Facebook. Regardless of whether the people in your online friend circle are geeks or not, they will all get jealous if you post a selfie taken on the cobbled streets of Paris or on the pristine beaches of Thailand.

Apart from looking cool, there are many other benefits of traveling which will help you become a better person. If you don't have the money to travel overseas, travel interstate. You will be amazed at the diversity that exists even within the borders of your own country.

The coolest geeks don't give up their favorite things just to get out of the house - they find things to do outdoors. For example, instead of surfing your favorite websites at home, go out and do it in the park.
The coolest geeks don't give up their favorite things just to get out of the house - they find things to do outdoors. For example, instead of surfing your favorite websites at home, go out and do it in the park.

5) Find things that you can do outdoors: Being cool without going out of your comfort zone

Hanging out at popular cafes or spending time in shopping malls may not be a geek's idea of outdoor fun. Most geeks like their indoor entertainment options. But if you want to rise above the rest of your geeky friends, you must find something that gets you out of the house, but not out of your comfort zone.

There is an unlimited range of options when it comes to things you can do including going to the library to read, planning a camping trip with your geeky friends, visiting an art gallery or exploring quirky date options with your geeky partner.

Being outdoors will allow you to interact with new people and find new places. This is the trick if you want to transform your self-image from a nerd who never steps out of the house to a cool geek who is full of life.

6) Help others: Show people how their world is incomplete without geeks

People will remember you as the coolest geek around if you help others. For example, the attractive girl in your apartment will no longer look at you as the annoying nerd if you teach her how to configure the Wi-Fi. The arrogant manager at your workplace will develop a fond liking towards you if he knows that he can depend on you to find a solution to all the network problems in his IT setup.

People always respect those who help them. You too can earn the respect of your friends, partners, family and co-workers by being the cool geek who has answers to all their problems.

7) Be a successful geek: Excel in your area of work

What is the difference between a cool geek and an annoying nerd? Most commentators and writers agree that cool geeks are the ones who become experts in their area of work. They become successful by being at a respectable professional position, with which come money and many other luxuries.

Taking cue from this commonly accepted ideology, you should strive to be successful in your area of studies or work if you want to be a cool geek. Aim higher and become an achiever in your subject area.

8) Geeks never leave home without a smart connected device

A true geek never leaves home without a smart connected device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. You should ideally have a 4G connection on your device and the second best is 3G.

Connectivity helps geeks to find places, make transactions on the move, connect on social media, rate places and access reviews. It would be shameful if you call yourself a geek and you don't have a smart connected device on you.

You cannot call yourself a cool geek if you don't watch The Big Bang Theory.
You cannot call yourself a cool geek if you don't watch The Big Bang Theory.

9) Watch geeky sitcoms

Your dinner table TV schedule should ideally include geeky sitcoms. The Big Bang Theory is undoubtedly one of the most popular geeky sitcoms airing worldwide. Fans have been glued to the show's nerd Sheldon Cooper and the coolest geek Leonard Hofstadter.

The IT Crowd, Star Trek, Heroes, Chuck and Doctor Who are other popular TV shows which have a die-hard geek fan following.

10) Wear nerd glasses: Classic and stylish geek statement

Nerd glasses are the classic sign of a geeky personality. You must avoid wearing any other type of glasses, especially those with thin frames.

Keep this in mind even when you choose from different types of sunglasses. If you can't find the right pair of sunglasses to go with your geeky look, a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers is a safe bet.

11) Host a cool LAN party for all your friends

Some people choose to party at nightclubs while geeks love to party indoors. Throw a fun LAN party and invite all your geeky friends so that everyone can play games, have drinks and gorge on takeaways all night long.

You will be known as the coolest geek in your school, college or workplace if you put some effort into organizing an enjoyable LAN party. Stock up on essential supplies like drinks, food and music.

12) Be in a relationship: Don't remain single

It is a misconception that geeks never get dates and always remain single. Geeks may be shy with others but they really open up with other like-minded people. So go ahead and start dating a shy guy or girl who you have been crushing on.

Ask any geeky couple and both the partners will tell you that they never run out of things to do or things to talk about. That is because a geeky couple is a melting pot of varied interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

So shed your inhibitions and mingle with other geeky guys and girls. A cool geek is typically a guy or a girl who is in a relationship with someone.

Who said geeks aren't cool? This pretty lady is Jade Raymond, Managing Director of Ubisoft. Jade is a girl gamer and computer science graduate who has become a force to reckon with in the video game industry.
Who said geeks aren't cool? This pretty lady is Jade Raymond, Managing Director of Ubisoft. Jade is a girl gamer and computer science graduate who has become a force to reckon with in the video game industry. | Source

13) Idolize other successful geeks and nerds

Geeks who become successful are seen as the coolest, regardless of how extremely nerdy they actually are. Take a look at the lives of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jade Raymond, Brenda Brathwaite and Marissa Mayer.

Find the person who inspires you the most and make him of her your idol. Lead an exemplary life and strive to follow the footsteps of your idol to become a cool and successful geek.

14) Embrace your inner geek: Don't try to be someone else

One of the most common mistakes that many geeks make, is when they try to be someone else. They try to put up a fake facade to their personality in an attempt to appear non-geeky.

Whether you are trying to impress a girl, be someone else just because your friends are ignoring you or putting up the best impression in a job interview, don't make the mistake of being someone else. Embrace your inner geek and be proud of your intellectually driven personality type.

15) Don't be anti-social: Be a geek who likes to mingle

Geeks are typically not the ones who will go out in town and party the night away at the pub or club. But that should not stop you from meeting friends and hanging out with people who you like.

Being geeky and being cool at the same time is all about being social, but with like-minded people. Meet up with all your other geeky friends or invite them home if you don't feel like going out.

16) Be fashionable: Embrace geek and hipster style

Knowingly or unknowingly, some geeks have a chic sense of fashion. In fact, celebrities have forever been trying to embrace the geek style and geek attitude.

If you are unsure about your fashion choices, keep it simple and go with the hipster look. Be aware of the brands you choose. You will slowly find yourself becoming a cool looking geeky dude or a pretty geeky girl.

Keep your blog updated and post new stuff regularly. Over time you will have many followers online.
Keep your blog updated and post new stuff regularly. Over time you will have many followers online.

17) Update your blog regularly

From politicians to business honchos to tech moguls, almost everyone has a blog. Geeks in particular are known to post some of the most fascinating and intriguing stuff on their blogs.

By updating your blog regularly, you will slowly have many readers tuning in to your writings on a regular basis. People will start following you on social media and you will become popular on the internet.

18) Be active on social media: Post regularly on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

Cool geeks hang out on social media. They have their own groups and communities on Facebook, they have massive Google Plus circles, their pins get repined by the hundreds and they are constantly tweeting about their lives.

You too, must embrace social media as if it is a part of your own life if you want to show off the cool side of your geeky personality.

19) Don't shun social norms completely

In many ways, geeks are rock stars because they live their own lifestyle without caring about some of society's mindless, illogical and meaningless norms.

But the trick to identify yourself as a cool geek is to avoid completely shunning social norms. This way it will seem that you are not frustrated by social anxiety all the time.

For example, if you don't want to attend someone's birthday party, don't do a total no-show. Instead, make a quiet entrance and a quick exit. All you have to do is let the host know that you have attended his or her party.

20) Do all your shopping online and flaunt your bargain purchases

Shopping online is better and cheaper, but it is not everyone's cup of tea. It can be a pain for someone who is not tech-savvy or for someone who doesn't know how eBay and Amazon work.

But geeks on the other hand, know the ins and outs of online shopping. They take pride in getting the best deals and grabbing the cheapest bargains from their favorite online shopping website.

You should also flaunt off your online purchases in front of your friends. Brag about how you got a great deal and show off your unbelievable online discount coupons. Your friends will truly identify you as a cool geek who knows how to buy stuff online for the best price.

Being the proud owner of video game consoles hooked to a HDTV is a must if you want to be a cool geek.
Being the proud owner of video game consoles hooked to a HDTV is a must if you want to be a cool geek.

21) Own at least one of the bestselling video game consoles

Gaming is often a part and parcel of the geek lifestyle. Apps on smartphones and tablets give geeks more options to pass time and play games, but the fun of playing video games on a console is irreplaceable.

Your geeky friends will all love to hang out at your place if you have at least one of the bestselling video game consoles connected to your HDTV. Look online for good deals on a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii so that you can be the proud owner of a cool console.

22) Learn to play at least one musical instrument

Geeks are highly intellectually driven. They have a diverse range of hobbies which can range from collecting stuff, building stuff or even learning musical instruments.

Music is considered cool across all lifestyle and personalities. Learn a musical instrument so that you can make some tunes in front of your friends after a few drinks. It will really set you apart as the coolest one in your group.

23) Set Wikipedia as your homepage

In the day of smartphones and tablets, Wikipedia is symbolic of knowledge and information on-the-go.

As a cool geek, you should have Wikipedia as your homepage so that every time you access your internet browser, you are directed to possibly the most vast recourse of information on the internet.


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    • Elias Zanetti profile image

      Elias Zanetti 

      6 years ago from Athens, Greece

      Back in the 80s it was much harder to be a nerd. It usually involved a lot of bullying and a great deal of pain :) Nowadays seems a lot cooler! I do like The Big Bang but I'm not sure if i qualify to be a geek though I do some of things o your list :) Nice hub.

    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Given that being nerdy is cool nowadays, this objective is easy to accomplish. Some great ideas for upping the nerd factor. Voting this Up and Useful.


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