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How to be a twin be a sibling and be yourself?

Updated on June 2, 2017
 My twin and I
My twin and I

How to have siblings be a twin and be yourself

Attention to everyone who has a sibling or is a twin! How do you like it? What do you think of it? If you have siblings what do you think of it? I am a twin and I have a little brother and a really good friend who I call sister. With today being national sibling day doesn’t this topic fit? I think it does and I am going to talk about how I feel being a sibling and a twin and how I am myself. Have you ever noticed that if you have siblings and you are around them you are thought of as one person? I have noticed that, and I have seen that happen to other people. How weird is that? Just because you have a sibling doesn’t mean you are the same person. Or just because you have a twin it doesn’t mean you are the same person. Everyone is different, no matter if you have siblings or are a twin. You are your own person too, but if you are always with your sibling or with your twin what do people think of you? Besides the limitless amounts of sharing. You don't have a choice to be a sibling or a twin you just get to be one and you have to live with it. It is limitless since your siblings and or twin will be around all the time. But now I am going to answer the questions listed above.

First of all, I am a twin and I like it. Having a twin is like always having a best friend at your beck and call. I have always grown up with siblings since I am a twin I never got to grow up on my own. Not that I minded because I never knew anything different and I even have a brother to top it all off which is great. I don’t know how I would grow up on my own because I have never had to experience it. You can do limitless things with your siblings, or your twin because it is better,-doing things with people than doing things by yourself, isn't it?

How can you be yourself with siblings well, you have to work at it. If you aren’t a twin then it is easier because there is usually years in between each child, and you don’t look completely alike. Although some people, think that if you have siblings you have to be so much alike that, whatever your siblings choose you to have to do the exact same thing. They look at you and don’t see you for you, they see you as a sibling and that is all. It is more so done with twins but, sometimes siblings born years apart get the same experience. Because if you are born in the same family whether you are twins or not, you all look similar. It’s when other people see you that causes the problems.

Having a sibling, or being a twin and being yourself, is hard but not impossible. Everyone is unique. Just because you have siblings or a twin doesn’t mean you are them. You are you, although showing people that is harder than it sounds. You can be yourself, you just have to fight for it. Not for your family and friends, but for everyone else that doesn’t know you and doesn’t know how it is to have siblings or be a twin. Most of the time, when you have a sibling or are a twin people who don’t know you, make you out to be like, your sibling, because they don’t know that you are a different person, because a sibling acts one way they expect you to act that way, or have the same likes or dislikes.

You can be yourself if you have siblings or are a twin you just need to fight to show that you are different. The reason for this is because, the people that don’t see you often or know that you have a twin or sibling don’t know how it is, to have a sibling or twin and they don’t realize that hey just because you look like someone else, doesn’t mean you are exactly like that person. Everyone is different because we are made differently. Although if you have siblings or are a twin, you fight to show, that you are different to the people who don’t know you.

How to have siblings be a twin and be yourself?

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Being a twin and being yourself, is interesting

You can be yourself, just find what you like to do that shows people that you are unique and that will differentiate you from your sibling or twin. For example, I am a twin, and when I was in high school, there were teachers that knew us from the time we started there and they still couldn’t tell us apart and they thought we were the same person. Being a sibling and twin doesn’t mean that you are the same person it just means you have someone to grow up with, and they will always be there because they are family. Being a sibling, being a twin and being yourself, is difficult because if you are a twin you are usually born right after the other, and you grow up at the same time. So people think that you are the same and you will have the same likes and dislikes but you are your own person, so you can have different likes and dislikes. If people who don’t have siblings or have twins, are around and they say well, you have a sibling or you are a twin you should like what they like right? Those are the people that don’t know that everyone is different no matter who they are, you can be yourself if you are sibling it is better that way because then people will know you for you and the same goes for if you are a twin. You and your twin just because you were born at the same time, doesn’t mean you need to like the same things you both have your own minds, bodies and things that you are good at. That is what makes you yourself, and showing people that will take a long time but it will work just fight for it. For example, my sister and I are twins, and people thought hey there twins they should be in the same sport because it will be easier for your parents but some sports she liked I didn’t like. That means I am just not in the sport because I am my own person which means I can make my own decisions. As can all siblings and twins in any family, if they are all the same what is the fun in that? Being a twin or having sibling’s means there is going to be differences, but that is how everyone is themselves and that is what makes a person a person isn’t it?

As I mentioned before I have a twin and more siblings, we are different and I like it. If we weren’t different we would never think for ourselves and who wants to think like their siblings we would always fight and nobody likes that do they? You need to be yourself, in order for you to succeed in life, your siblings won’t always be around because for the one you are not all the same, or the same age. Which means your situations will be different. Being yourself is showing that you can do things on your own sure having people around is nice but what happens when you need to get a job or when you get married or move out, you need to be able to do things on your own to get through life.

So being yourself, with having siblings or being a twin is key in order to get further don’t you agree? It might be harder when you are twin or have siblings to show that you can do things on your own, but don’t give up you can do it and it will be the greatest experience of your life, showing people that you are you, and nobody else can control that. At least that is what I have learned through being a twin and having other siblings. Make sure that you live your own life and are not in anyone else’s shadow, if you want something that your sibling doesn’t want then go for it, you are siblings not the same person you don’t need to want the same things and believe me your parents will be proud that you are venturing out on your own and not always following the other sibling in what they want to do.

Some people think that siblings and twins have to do limitless things together but that is not entirely true. Siblings and twins can be themselves too, they have their own brains, likes, and dislikes. Although it is so much better to do limitless things with people like your siblings or your twin because you have more fun, but you don't always have to be together.

Having a twin or a sibling is great

Being a twin or a sibling is great because you always have someone to talk to.You always have a friend in your sibling or twin from the time you are born until the end. Which is kind of cool you can do a limitless number of things together because you are siblings?

If you are sibling or a twin what do you think of it? Let's Discuss

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