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How to calm down your angry wife? Anger management control ideas and tips. Handle anger

Updated on September 5, 2015

Running a family is not an easy business. It needs lots of patience. You have to understand, two different personalities, two different human beings are living together. No way, they will think in the same way. Their likes and dislikes will never be alike. There will be annoying situations. But the success of marriage lies on how we tune our self to over come these situations. In this short article, I will share with you some tips (for men) how to calm down your angry wife, anger management tips.

Your wife is angry? Does she shout at you. Don't worry, it is very normal. Ask your dad how many times your mom shouted at him. We all shout. It is human nature. If she doesn't shout. It is a dangerous situation because, then she is suppressing her feelings, which will come out in different forms. Here are some tips for temper management.

1. Keep your mouth shut and smile: Are you emotionally strong enough to do this? When your wife start shouting at you for something which you never did/ or which you forgot ......instead of shouting back or arguing back, are you courageous enough to smile at her. Sounds difficult, but possible. You may think it is quite stupid to do so, but if you can do that you will make her feel that she is so stupid to shout and her own mind will force her to calm down. More over, if she can make you angry, this means she has the control over your emotions. So control your nerves and smile at her when she shouts...

2. Own up: Every body makes mistakes. There is nobody in this world who has never done a mistake. To err is human but to admit is superhuman. Also she will feel great, when you admit your mistake. But don't do it in a condescending way."

3. Listen to her: She may be shouting at you because her boss did not listen to her or her friends did not have time to listen to her. Many people in this world are depressed because there is nobody to listen to them. Consider this as Charity and listen to her when she shouts.

4. Acknowledge her: This shows that you respect her. But this doesnot mean you agree with her. Her anger if triggered by others may be because she believes something is 1. unfair 2. out of her control

5. Go out: If she is mad at you, better you go out for a walk and come back, by the time she will be cooled down. But if she is mad at someone else, you both go out for a walk. It is relaxing, at least it helps her to clam down. Usually women feel so much relaxing if you tell her that you too feel the other person who made her angry was wrong (if she is wrong, this is the not the right time to open her eyes). Or in other words, if she feels there is somebody to support her, she will feel so much conform and her hormones will be back to normal state.

6. If you think she get angry very easily, may be it is a good idea to present her some of the books listed below or suggest some anger management courses.


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