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How to do Wedding Invites Over Facebook

Updated on December 12, 2012

Facebook today is the ultimate tool for any social event. If people have social sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc then the odds are high they have a Facebook page. These days, even your Mum is on Facebook, although you probably have her blocked.

By sending out wedding invites over Facebook, you will be able to interact with your guest's regarding RSVP's and any queries that may come up. The host can simply update any information and communicate it on the Events page.

Event option on Facebook feed.
Event option on Facebook feed.


To be able to send out invitations to your family and friends, you first will need something to invite them to. You will need to create an event - Your Wedding.

The option to create an event is found on your feed, not your wall. At time of printing, the create events option is on the right hand side, above the advertisements.

Click on the actual words.

The 'Create New Event' Box will appear.
The 'Create New Event' Box will appear.


Once you have clicked on the create event page button, you will have a pop-up square called Create new event open in the foreground.

This is where you add in your event details;

Add your Events name - Sally and John's Wedding.

Details - Wear formal dress, no kids etc.

Where - Try to use the mapping feature. Type the name of your church or reception, once you have selected your location, a map and directions will become available to your guests.

When - Date and Time + End time.

Privacy - THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! Everyone has heard horror stories of parties going viral on Facebook. Here is where they went wrong.

Invite Only Options.
Invite Only Options.


Be extremely careful which options you choose here, you can make your event visible to EVERYONE with one one wrong selection; **This option can be changed at any time.**

PUBLIC = Everyone in the WORLD can see the details of your event.

FRIENDS = Only your friends and their friends, whether invited or not, can see this event.

INVITE ONLY = People who are invited by yourself can see the event only. This is a recommended setting for a private wedding.

Underneath are two check boxes, by selecting these options you can choose if your guests can invite other people or not. The second check box allows your guest to see the guest list or not.

This option will invite people as you're creating the event.
This option will invite people as you're creating the event.
This option, invites can be added after editing of event if finished.
This option, invites can be added after editing of event if finished.


Your event is nearly created. At this stage, you can either add friend by using the 'invite friends' option on the bottom, left hand side of the pop-up square. Doing this now will allow your invited guests to see the event at this point, unfinished, use the preferred method below.

The second option to invite guests is always available, once the event is created and active. Along the top under your name, you will see an envelope and the words 'invite friends'.

Select who to invite.
Select who to invite.


When you click the option invite friends, a pop up box with all your Facebook friends will appear in the foreground. Click the square next to each persons photo if you want to invite that person. The square can be selected and de-selected before invitations are sent out, once sent though, it's up to you to cancel a particular person manually.

Guests can see who you've invited, who has replied as Attending, Maybe and Declined. They can also see any comments made when RSVP are replied to. Often when the guest chooses to come to your event, a post will flow down their feed saying they are attending your event. This is where the the correct Privacy options are important.

Edit your Event
Edit your Event


You can add and remove options on your event as you go. On the right hand side, just below your name, you will see a screw shape and a downward arrow. Drop this box down to fine tune your event.

The first option will allow you to add another name of a Host. Click the link Add Host and in the pop-up box type your nominated hosts name. Once it can be seen in the square, they have been added - then press SUBMIT at bottom of pop-up box.

ADD A PHOTO - Snazz up your event page by adding an event profile photo. Choose a photo from the images on your PC or if the image you want is on-line, save the image to your private photo's on your PC. When adding the image to your event profile picture, follow your libraries folders, until you find the photo you want to use and double click on that image.

CANCEL EVENT - this can be done at anytime by a host. Attendee's are notified.

Notification option.
Notification option.


In the second section of the above mentioned drop down box, is the option to turn notifications OFF and ON.

Notifications are sent as emails to the registered Email address on your Facebook page. You will generally receive a notification for things like; invitee sent an RSVP, a person comments on your event page and any changes by hosts etc. to your page.

Depending on how you will be monitoring your event, will give you an idea whether this is a needed feature. Or will it become and annoyance when accessing your email.

Export Event will help with adding the event to your calendar via email

Expose your Event. - this will cost you money and is more for business's or promoted events. It would pay to check that is clicked, so that comments etc will go down your invited friends feeds, reminding them of the event.

Now, get wiggling and start planning the most amazing wedding!.....Good Luck.


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    • Organised Kaos profile image

      Anne 5 years ago from Hobart, Tasmania ~ Australia.(The little bit broken off the bottom of AUS)

      Thankyou, I too think they are missing a lovely opportunity to make real invites. I'm a touch old school too...

    • ExpectGreatThings profile image

      ExpectGreatThings 5 years ago from Illinois

      Wow. This is a really well written hub. I like how you added the screen shots and explained things so well. I'm still a little in shock that it is acceptable to do wedding invites over fb. I guess I'm a little old school :)