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what to wear at an Indian wedding

Updated on May 19, 2013

Indian Marriage

Indian marriage is a grand event for family and relatives of wedding couple.Normally In Indian wedding almost 100 to 5000 persons participate. Marriage events starts several weeks before actual marriage day. Indian marriage is all about fun, it involves songs (sangeet), tasty Indian food and lots of dance sessions. There are countless events before marriage for creating friendly environment for all the attenders. Dressing in marriage is important as everyone want to look good at this huge event.

Groom and bride strictly follow the tradition Indian dress code. It is sherwani for groom and saree or lehnga for bride. Family and relatives don't generally follow any code. These dresses are popular among Indian wedding.



Srerwani is most popular dress for men in Indian wedding. It looks like a long coat with lots of thread work to make it feel royal. It appeared in late 18th century. It was popular among Indian rulers. Later it was adopted by common people mostly by Muslims. It have also been modified into Nehru Jacket by following Indian Prime Minister J.L. Nehru.

A lot of experiment have been done with it to make it look even better. Most of Indian as well as western fashion companies have designed their own Sherwani. So it is quite easily available at every Indian market.

Sherwani makes look Royal and different in Marriage. It is a formal wear for marriage. Mostly groom and close relatives of couple wear a sherwani.



It is another traditional Indian Wear. Traditional kurta was very simple and loose fit. It was worn with a loose pyjama. In modern Indian Tight fit Kurtas with dupatta (similar to a long scarf) are famous.

It also can be worn with a men salwar. A matching color jutti(footwear) is generally worn woth it. Jewellery is also popular among Indian males. Most common accessories are golden chains and rings. This dress is poplar in adults of 20-30 year age group.

Churidar is another option to wera with kurta. Churidars are for of salwar with loose top and narrow bottom.


Western Suit

In western countries suit is most popular dress for all the events. While British rule in Indian during 18th and 19th century it became quite popular in Indians too. It can be worn by almost any age-group. Black is favorite color for coats while blue is another popular color.

A matching color tie is used with coat. Color of tie is always darker than color of shirt. Tie color and pattern should look good with shirt.

Trouser is always of same fabric as of coat. Color of trouser and coat is also same most of times.

Formal Shirt Trouser
Formal Shirt Trouser

Shirt Trouser

It is a general wear for marriage. A formal shirt and trouser with premium fabric can be worn in a Marriage. White shirt and black pant is the classic combination. Pattern shirt is also popular in India.

A tie is optional with this formal wear but preferred. Shirt should be properly ironed. Bright shirts are preferred in marriage.

Trouser should suit well with shirt. Trouser which are neither too loose and nor too tight are preferred.

T-Shirt Jeans
T-Shirt Jeans

T-Shirt Jeans

If you want to look little funky then a T-Shirt Jeans can be chosen. It is quite an informal wear and popular among teens which aren't close relatives to couple. T-Shirts should be chose with great care. Avoid T-Shirts with caption or loo bright colors.

All Jeans look same so it anyone can be chosen. Blue and Black are only good colors for Jeans. Avoid ripped Jeans as it don't look good at an event like marriage.


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      Jaswinder kaur 3 years ago

      Wanna know about prize of coc shade sherwani n wanna know how many colours In it