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How to ensure you will never fall in love

Updated on October 29, 2011


How to Ensure You Will Never Fall In Love

1.       Refuse to take ownership of your role in your failed relationships.

2.       Blame the other person for the failure of the relationship.

3.       Do not investigate your thoughts about healthy relationships or unhealthy relationships you witnessed in your early years.

4.       Refuse to change anything about yourself

5.       Keep dating the same “type” of people and expect different results.

6.       Drag your past baggage and make your new love pay for what someone else did to you.

7.       Be so afraid of love that you block yourself from receiving it –self sabotage.

8.       Be cold, unaffectionate, and uncaring.

9.       Never give – only be selfish and think of yourself

10.   Learn nothing from your past mistakes and attribute failure to coincidence.

11.   Actively practice the definition of insanity –doing the same thing and expecting different results.

12.   Guard your hearts so much so that you never let anyone in to love you.

13.   Adopt negative attitudes regarding relationships to excuse why you aren’t in one.

14.   Make attraction your most important relationship quality.

15.   Be argumentative, controlling, and debate at all times.

16.   Allows drugs or alcohol to turn you into a monster and expect others to excuse your behavior.

17.   Never analyze your parent’s relationship for clarity and understanding.

18.   Manipulate others to get what you want.

19.   Have a list of unrealistic qualities and expectations allowing no flexibility.

20.   Practice ineffective communication skills and do not control your mouth.

21.   Reward love and consideration with disrespect and disregard.

22.   Reward manipulation, selfishness, and deceit with honor and adoration.

23.   View people for who you want them to be instead of who they are.

24.   Ignore comforting people who care about you for those who have shown complete disregard for you and your feelings.

25.   Refuse to believe there is someone out there made for you.

26.   Allow desperation to make you see every person as a potential soul mate.

27.   Believe it is “everyone else” and nothing is your fault.

28.   Choose people who don’t share the same moral, career, or values similar to your views.

29.   Ignore the warning signs which could predict your relationship demise.

30.   Compromise your needs to please someone else.

31.   Believe that love isn’t for you so you never make yourself available to date.

32.   Believe everything someone tells you without time to determine if their actions fit their words.

33.   Make excuses for why you are not priority to someone in their life.

34.   Refuse to see signs that clearly show you who this person really is.

35.   Believe that you have the power to change someone else and/or their behavior.

36.   If they treated others poorly –be the fool that believe he/she won’t do that to you.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 18 months ago

      Preach! :)