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How to feel sexy

Updated on May 21, 2014

Tips & Tricks to feeling sexy!

Now that you know what the general consensus is from men, how can you make yourself feel sexy? Most women want to feel good and sometimes feeling good is easier and a lot less expensive than you might think. Single or married if you are a woman chances are you want to look and feel your best!

  • Give yourself a manicure and pedicure
  • Get a tan (even a tan in a can or tanning lotion you buy at your local drug store works fine, you don't always have to spend a bunch of time and money to make changes that greatly enhance your appearance)
  • Always wear your best perfume any time of the day, but avoid overdoing it. There is no greater turn off than being able to smell someone from a mile away; but there is nothing sexier than walking by someone and getting a slight whiff of an amazing scent!
  • Keep your toenails painted and if it’s summertime, wear a cute toe ring! Especially if your feet aren’t exactly model material a nice shiny toe ring will distract his eye and show him you’re trendy.
  • Style your hair instead of putting it in a bun if you have the time, nothing can deplete your sexiness reserve like knowing that you’re not looking your best.
  • Always keep your bikini area well manicured, spend as much time maintaining that area as you do maintaining any other part of your body. When you feel sexy down there you can do anything with confidence. Besides you never know when you might get stuck in an elevator with Leonardo Decaprio!
  • Lighten up, smile and laugh; try not to let the stress of life drag you down. Smiling always makes a person more attractive and approachable that can work in your favor if you are single.
  • Love yourself, value who you are, what others think of you is second to how you feel about yourself. Women who have self confidence walk with a sense of purpose and hold their heads high.
  • Always change your sheets at least once a week. Sheets that smell delicious will invite you to enjoy yourself even if nobody else is!
  • Go commando once in awhile; give the bad girl inside of you a chance to have some fun. Even if you’re the only one who knows it will give you a little bit of added pizazz!

What men think is sexy

Feeling sexy is such an important part of a woman’s self confidence. Maintaining a healthy love life and intimate relationship with your partner is much more rewarding for both parties when you both feel you are at your best. One of the biggest misnomers in society today is that beauty and sexiness are one in the same. Beauty is a fickle thing; it is so subjective and temporary. Anyone who is above the age of 30 has probably aged just enough to appreciate that the human connection to beauty is a one night stand whereas sexiness is a marriage and if you are lucky yours is a long happy and rewarding one.

The sexier you feel the more attractive you become. That theory has been proven many times in many bars around the world. The insecure beauty in the corner that is uncomfortable and fidgety is never as attractive as the girl who is relaxed and content in her own skin, able to laugh and not obsessed with checking the mirror every five minutes. Many men have been asked what they think makes a woman sexy; here are some of their responses:

  • "White Teeth"
  • "Long hair"
  • "A woman who gets along with my friends"
  • "Someone that doesn’t nag"·
  • "A woman who pays the bill once in awhile just to prove she is independent"
  • "Sports, if she can watch sports and we can enjoy it together; she is super sexy"!
  • "Sexy is when a woman eats, I can’t stand women who order the side salad when you know they are starving".
  • "Everything" (yes there are men out there that will take it any way they can get it, and like it)!
  • "Women who have no tattoos are sexy, nothing is uglier than a badly tattooed tramp stamp"!

Sexy can look as easy as waking up!


Get out and explore, take the day off

Sometimes feeling sexy can also come from a change of scenery, letting go of schedules and routines. Getting away from the day to day monotony can invigorate you and renew your soul, boosting your confidence and helping you feel sexy. Check out local attractions that you haven't been to; enjoy a day at the zoo or a local park. Use up a vacation day just because and treat yourself to a day of exploration, start walking and see where you end up! Fresh air has so many benefits, your skin will thank you and the relief of schedules or deadlines bring relaxation which is always a sexy look.

Does my torn robe turn you on?

Instead of coming to bed in your bath robe, surprise your partner with sexy lingerie or nothing at all. Make it a priority to avoid falling into old comfortable patterns in the bedroom, if you have made love in the same position for the last 3 months and you were too tired to take off your t-shirt chances are you lost your sexy but that does not mean that you can’t turn it around. There is no time like the present to take your love life in a new exciting direction! The sexier you feel the sexier your partner will find you!

Make better food choices!

The old saying “you are what you eat” says it all. People try to ignore it when they are depressed or just plain hungry, but there is no denying that what you put in your body has an effect on how you look. Vitamins can make a big difference in your appearance. There have been extensive studies that prove women who are lacking certain vitamins or minerals are not looking or feeling their best. Think about the difference between eating a Big Mac and having a sensible salad for lunch. The salad is not just physically healthier for your body but it is healthier for your mind. When you eat responsible and you make your weight and general health a priority it enhances every other aspect of your life. Don’t just feed your body but feed your soul by eating right and making healthy food choices and you will feel sexy and appealing no doubt about it.

What do you mean I can't be a Kardashian?

No truer words have been spoken than “envy is the thief of happiness”. Watching beautiful people on T.V. and comparing yourself to them will without a doubt zap any ounce of sexy you have lying around. Stay grounded in reality, work with what you have; make your best features pop! Remind yourself while you binge watch KUWTK that what you see is not reality and at least utilize that hour to do something positive like giving yourself a deep root conditioning, or applying a face mask. Haul the elliptical from the basement and while you watch T.V. exercise. Chances are you will either get fit real quick or you will squash the amount of reality T.V. you watch in half! Never let the image someone else projects make you feel inferior no matter how beautiful they are.

Work as hard as the next guy!

Most people have met the woman who got her job from some pathetic unhappily married man by looking cute and acting dumb. While she is making photocopies of her divorce papers keep your hardworking nose to the grindstone! One of the most attractive qualities men will say a woman can have is being a hard worker. There is so much to be gained from working hard and being good at what you do. When you are able to foot your own bills and pay your own way you have become not only a sexier lady but your confidence will thank you. Independence = sexiness. The days of the damsel in distress stealing prince charming are over! When you leave for work in your power suit you should feel accomplished and useful, what is sexier than that?

Is your or you're or ur? Which one means you?

The least sexy person in a room is the one who doesn’t know the difference between two and too. Even if your last desire is financial success, please know that grammar and sexiness are like peanut butter and jelly. You might look like a million dollars but when the man of your dreams reads your post on Facebook that says: “OMFG like seriously I had the best nite. You r not goin to beleive how packed the club was, I meant the hottest man and he bought me drinks all nite long!” That sentence reads like a cold shower feels. Seriously, if you really want to be sexy get a vocabulary and learn to spell. It will be worth whatever brain power you used. Remember vocabulary + proper usage of the English language = Sexy, VERY SEXY; especially if your competition is not so "brite".

Be nice and use your manners!

No matter how badly you hate the mother of your latest boyfriend, please don’t give her the satisfaction of witnessing your distain for her washing away every ounce of sexiness her son saw in you before you graced her doorstep. Even if you’re dealing with a rude cashier, ignore the negativity and treat everyone like you are happy and have no clue they rolled their eyes at you…twice. If you can maintain your composure in heated situations you are sexy and that is a fact! Cool, calm, and collected didn’t get its reputation for nothing. If you find yourself in stressful situations yet you maintain your composure and always act like a lady, people will respect and admire you.

You will attract Mr. right sooner than you think!


The bottom line is...

There are virtually a million reasons why people feel sexy or are viewed as sexy. Sexy is always one step above the rest and it never goes out of style! Take the time to pamper yourself, be the classy lady you hope your daughter or little sister will be. You cannot go wrong by improving yourself and growing as a person. Let sexy be just one of the many things that makes you somebody special.

Take this sexy poll!

DO you feel sexy?

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© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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    • Karen Ranoni profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Ranoni 

      5 years ago from Romeo, MI

      That makes sense!! I hope today you feel amazing!

    • maramerce profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      I feel sexiest when I'm in love. I feel least sexy when I'm getting rejected by someone I love.


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