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How to Forget Someone you Love

Updated on April 6, 2013

One day, when I was about twelve years old, I cried on my mother's lap. I just got my heart broken in million pieces by a boy whom I had been in love with since FOREVER; he was actually and secretly dating my best friend. Shocked I was indeed. It was earth shattering. I was devastated, hurt and betrayed! How could my own best friend (or was she) stole my first love… I didn’t know whom else to turn to but my beloved mother.

As you would have guess, my mother laughed at my tear-streak face and said I was way too young to already get my heart broken by a pimply boy who still doesn't know how to wipe his nose clean. My ever so gentle and sensitive mother then told everyone in my family how her daughter cried for her first puppy love and it became a family joke until now. I vowed then to never confide in my mother Ever. Again.


Love can be Cruel

Years went by and I had my fair share of being broken hearted. Two of the men I dated cheated on me (not including pimply boy of 12, mind you), one man I met online went off to war and was never heard again (I comforted myself by saying maybe he had been shot in the head and currently in coma somewhere waiting for my kiss to wake him up), and one guy I was with for 5 years said it was ‘not me but him’ and agreed to split the house we bought together with the condition that I return to him both my engagement and wedding ring so he can put it on his new wife's fingers. Ouch!

I would cry each time I had my heart broken, blamed the world, the universe, the men, myself and of course, my mother (Wait. What?) It took awhile, but I picked myself up and moved on, met another man and fall in love again. I wouldn't say it was a vicious cycle. It is a process that one has to go through in order to find the one, the perfect soul mate and the one who you want to be forever and after.

Breakups, disappointment, frustrations, are parts and parcels of life. This is what I'm going to talk about here; how to recover from a broken heart and how to forget and move on.

3 Ways to Forget Someone You Love

Forgetting about someone you love is neither impossible nor something that can be done instantly. There is neither magic spells nor a scientific formula for it. Well, actually there are but let's not go there. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps below:

1. Stop the blaming game

I would love to agree with you that the heartbreaker is to be blamed but what good would it do? The more you blame, the more you would bring forth the memory of him/her in your mind and the harder to let go. Quit blaming. Instead, use the time and energy to make yourself happy. Every time something happens that triggers you to blame the person, say out loud, "THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORY" and inhale and exhale deeply. Relax. Release all the anger and hatred in each exhalation, try it and you will feel good later.

2. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family

I was very lucky to be born in a family who has great sense of humor, who are supportive, sympathetic, encouraging and protective. Although I was teased mercilessly about my endless heartache dramas, my family was always there to cheer me up in the best way they know how – jokes and laughter. As cliché as it sound, there is a fact in the saying "laughter is the best medicines". It helped me tremendously during my toughest times.

3. Love yourself

Who would be a better person to love? Author and Inspirational Speaker Joe Vitale talked about ho'oponopono healing process in his book, Zero Limits. It is the power of healing and how it helps to cure a complete ward of criminally insane patients. Quoted, he said, "I asked Dr. Len how he went about healing himself and he said 'I just kept saying, 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' over and over again'. Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world." I know some would say this is all a bunch of hogwash but I would rather be the idiot who chant hogwash psychobabble and be able to forgive and forget my pain than be the one who wouldn’t move on. What say you?

To prove if this really works, start practicing it and before you know, you will forget your past, make many new friends and be happy. You might even come to realize that they are many people out there who are much better than your heartbreaker!

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