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How to get Noticed by Girls

Updated on August 26, 2013


Before I start anything, I would like to say that dealing with the opposite sex is never an exact science. Everything I say here is from my own experiences and interactions. So, this is really stuff I have actually "field tested" if you will. I will also tell you that I do not condone mistreating anyone in any way. Do not go and hurt anyone intentionally or mislead them with crazy antics (aka lying your ass off about running guns for the resistance in Africa) and last but not least Most of this stuff works when you implement it correctly. You will have a great time.

Listen Grasshopper...

This part is supposed to be the part where I tell you all the rules and secrets to getting the ladies, if only you follow these simple steps to be a "player" or whatever you want to call it. I will not do that. The fact of the matter is that there are no certain rules and one thing that may work getting you noticed with one woman may only drive another lady away. In order to be notice by the woman of your choice is to... wait for it... Listen. Yes, I am afraid you do have to listen to her, her friends, her enemies, and anything that may be of relevance about her. No I am not telling you to stalk her, but pay closer attention to detail. It is like reviewing a game film, no you don't go stalk the players while they eat dinner, but you do watch the game film and also remember how they played last time, who they played and how you should go about greeting them on the field. Details my friend, listen to the details.


It's a Confidence Thing...

Self confidence is a must when trying to gain a woman's attention. Self confidence is defined as -Freedom of doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities. In most cases a woman is not going to react to a man with zero self confidence. I know you have heard this about a billion times the old "you gotta have balls son!" There is a reason for this, because its true. When a man has self confidence it puts him on another level. Women love it because a man with self confidence knows who he is and what he is about, they have a plan. This helps give women piece of mind and puts her at ease just a tad as she knows that a man with confidence is a man with plan and she doesn't have to worry about worrying. When the man has it covered all she has to do is be there to be loved. Now I am by no means telling you to go out grab her by the hair and drag her to your man cave, but have the confidence to make solid, thoughtful, healthy decisions. I do not know why this is so important to women, but it is. I still get tested by my girl friend from time to time. She will be in the kitchen and randomly ask me if she should eat apple sauce or mac and cheese. If one of my guy friends were to ask me something like this I would help him find his man parts. Since it isn't a guy, but my woman I tell her what she should eat. She then asks me why I made my choice, I tell her and then she usually makes up her mind and eats what ever she was going to eat in the first place. I ask her about this and her reply is always the same, she tells me that she likes that I can quickly make up my mind and have a good reason for my answer. I know you are probably thinking "well what if I don't have any confidence?" Have no fear Jordan is here!


If You Don't Have Confidence...

There is a real simple answer to the question of "what if I don't have any confidence?" The answer is: Get some. Plain and simple there is no buts, wells, or ifs. If you don't have any confidence in yourself you need to get some. I know you are thinking to your self that I am making it out easier than it is. The truth is, it is that simple. There are a couple of ways to gain this awesome trait. One is to find something you are really good at, and be proud of it and do it a lot. Talk about it, do it, live it. You will find that as you put more of yourself into this thing you are good at you will get bette and soon you will begin seeing improvements in other areas of your life as well. It may take some time but it will happen. The other way I know really works is to "get" a confidence problem. I do not mean a low confidence issue, but quite the opposite get a high confidence issue. I know it sounds super crazy, but it works! Trust me on this one. I was once a strange awkward guy with an esteem problem. Then one day I said something to someone about me being a handsome rogue. They laughed. I found that I could get people laugh if I talked about myself and my esteem in a cartoonish out of this world way. Well, after a time I noticed that not only did it make people laugh but people thought I really had all that confidence in my self and you know what? I found that my confidence was soaring! I was making people laugh and they saw me in a new light. I was no longer the shy, awkward guy but I was Jordan the out going guy who had a "confidence" issue. This does take time. People will laugh, but that is a great thing and we will get to that later. People will also start to listen, if you say something long enough it becomes reality. Remember you are not really you, you are the you of the actions you did yesterday. So tomorrow you will be the you of your actions today. So do you want to continue being a shadow on the wall or go out take a chance and go for the gold?


Make Her Laugh!

This is perhaps the best way to be noticed by a woman. Mark her laugh until she cries. Make her ribs hurt. make her snort. Do this successfully and you will be remembered for ever. I know is sounds a little nutty, but you do not know how many woman I know talk about guys they have dated and the only thing they can remember is how much they made her laugh. The power of laughter is strong my friend. There is a hitch in many cases in my experience is that you want to be funny but you do not want to be goofy. Sometimes being goofy got me the woman, some woman like goofy guys. Most times though when you are the goofy guy you fall into the friend or brother category. Which we all know no man wants to run that gauntlet. I do not know why being the goofy funny guy can turn into such a bad thing, but there is a stigma attached to it. In my opinion it is because funny people are more relaxed, were willing to let things slide and we compromise easier. I think people take that as weakness. Which I do not, I bet you don't either. So if she tries blowing you off with a random excuse about being to goofy or silly or Whatever the reason, get real serious, look her dead in the eye and say "I am a funny, loving, kind guy, but don't mistake my kindness for weakness." You have tell her this with a straight face and have an attitude like you are about to battle an entire Nazi panzer division. She will see resolution in your eyes and more often then not this will get the cogs turning in her mind. It will peak her curiosity she will wonder if you are like an onion with many layers as Shrek would say. Which leads me to my next topic...


Be A Man of Mystery

When I say a man of mystery I don't mean you have to have a martini shaken not stirred and be a special agent. I mean you just have to play it cool, and reveal very little about your self. Drop a hint at something here or there and leave it at that. Take a note from the film industry, give her a teaser trailer of who you are, but leave her wanting more. This can be tricky because you have to know what clues to leave which is why you must listen as I mentioned above. This can work especially on woman who are used to guys falling at their feet, if you don't give them the time of day they sometimes come to you wondering why you are not fawning over her. She will try to bait you as you are baiting her. She will try to give you a "trailer" of her movie just as you have done for her. Do not fall for it, take it into consideration but remain at best mildly interested, as if you are looking for something else to do or looking forward to the next engagement you may have on your schedule. Do not be rude about it though. If you are rude you will turn her away completely! Unless she is a gluten for punishment. There is an old saying, and it goes like this: He who cares the least is sure to get a piece. It took me forever what this little thing meant. I know it is crude, but it does work. If you act as if you almost don't really care she will come around.

Have Fun!

The one way I have found to get a woman attention is to simply enjoy life. I have found that if you jump out of bed every morning ready to greet the day with enthusiasm, good out look, and an eager go get them attitude and live each day as it comes, never let it get you down very long, and you are ready for anything that may tomorrow, and you really love life and your place in it, woman will notice you. They will see that you are living the dream! They will want in on that piece of pie. You don't have to be a billionaire, heck, you could be anything and anybody. It doesn't matter as long as you love and live. Now relax, get your game face on and go get the ladies!

This is for the ladies...

Ladies please rate me on how close I am in giving the correct advice. So the gents know I am not blowing smoke. Thank you so much.

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    • Jordanwalker39 profile image

      Jordanwalker39 5 years ago from NC

      Hey thanks Bill. Glad you liked it.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You are right on, Jordan. That confidence thing threw me for years; finally I decided to start acting like I had some and eventually it came. Good suggestions here buddy!

    • Jordanwalker39 profile image

      Jordanwalker39 5 years ago from NC

      Thanks! I was hoping I was going in the correct direction. Now if I can just figure our how to get Mr. Clooneys attention....mmmm....

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 5 years ago from Singapore

      Great one, Jordan, you are on the money here.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Well done Jordan!! You have shared some great tips for the guys. Making a woman laugh without being too annoying is a great way to get noticed and possibly a date too! Not talking too much is another bonus, yet not talking at all is a minus. You got my votes!