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How to get a cheap divorce

Updated on January 15, 2010

How I got my divorce for under $400.00

As I sit here and watch the man I was married to for 23 years while he sat snoring on the couch and then when he awoke couldn't understand why I was tired at night afer I worked all day and took care of him, the house an elderly mother and most times, the landscaping, and him spending money that we didn't have, I couldn't see living the rest of my life stuck in this , physically and emotionally exhausted. I tired telling him time and time again but it was like talking to the wall. Finally I decideed it was time to do somthing with my life and start living again. I told him I wanted a divorce. He was devastated but when he realized I wasn't kidding this time it hit him. He promised he would change again but I'd had it. I spoke to a few people as I didn't have much money to hire a lawyer and some of my friends that got a "friendly" divorce went online and used one of the services. I found a website which there are many that charged $300.00 as long as the divorce was uncontested. He agreed and we filled out the papers online. The next day, it was sent to my e-mail. I printed it out and we took it to court. It was that simple. Then we took the papers to court and I found out you really don't need this if there is not arguments. The courts will do it. No lawyers involved. They will give you a mediator if you need one. You have to pay a court fee which cost me $300.00. We are still friends even though I have moved on but he hasn't. He is still hoping that I will return to him. I wish him well but life is too short.


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