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How to get a guy you like to notice you?

Updated on January 22, 2014

Yes, you like him. You keep watching him from the distance and you can't help thinking about him all the time. But the problem is you don't have the courage to tell him how much he occupied in your head 24/7. Wow, that's really something.

There are only two options you can do to get him to notice you.

  1. Play the game of cupid.
  2. Tell him straight how much you like him.

I tell you that number 1 option is quite a long road to take. It's like flying from Mt. Everest to Mt. Nowhere. If you're willing to take option 1, you probably have to be ready about everything that comes with it. Baby, I'm talking about your heart. You'll be playing hard to get and playing the game of cupid.

The game of cupid is too much to handle and if you think you can't wait any longer for him to like you back, you're best option is number 2.

Tell him right away that you like him. Simple, isn't it? But it takes a last ounce of courage to tell him. Yes, that's a problem.

How to play cupid's game?

If you are the shy type and couldn't gain a courage to tell him that you like the guy, acting and preparing yourself all the time could be the best way to do.

Now, what are the ways?

  1. Be yourself. What does be yourself mean? It means just be yourself. If you want him to notice you, then just be you. Nothing can beat that. Just be who you are. Whoever you are as person, just stay as you are. Are you funny type? Crazier? Goofy? Or whatever? If you are not sweet type of person, don't fake it. It would really comes out bad. And too corny.
  2. Dress nicely. All the time. Yes, I'm saying all the time. You never know when you'd see him. You probably bump into him in the subway or in the streets. Just dress nicely but don't overdo it. Too much make up doesn't do any good. Wear simple make up.
  3. Don't ignore him. Worst thing a girl do if she likes someone is to ignore the guy. Would that help him to notice you? Greet him. Ask him how he's doing. Especially, talk to him. It doesn't sound so challenging, isn't it?
  4. Smile. Your smile can change his heart. If you keep on pouting, even your boss wouldn't like you. Nobody would notice you but if you keep your smile wide and accommodating, it change peoples' impression about you.
  5. Keep your heart in check. Always guide your heart around him. Because once you see him with another person, you'll be buying Kleenex and stay in your room the whole night.
  6. Pray. Yes, keep praying.
  7. Read # 1. So important.
  8. If nothing works and you can't wait for God to answer your prayer, your last chance is Option 2.

Tell him that you like him

This method will probably save you a lot of heartache. If you tell him straight and you get a reaction out of him, he'll think a zillion times to ask you on a date. Just wait for couple of weeks till one month. If he won't ask you out after you tell him, then, hey sweetheart, move on. He is not the only one who's wearing pants.

Life is too short.


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