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How to get a phone number from a girl

Updated on June 4, 2011

So you want to pick up a girl

Unfortunately, in today's world, this can be very hard. If you are trying to pick up a girl in a public setting, this can be even harder. Girls don't respond to guys that they don't know and especially don't trust.

Trying to pick up a girl in public can come off as overwhelming to some girls. Because it's overwhelming, girls tend to shut down when they sense a pick up method. Guys who want to successfully pick up a girl need to be completely different in their efforts. If a girl senses a pick up line, or notices desperation, they will not give you the chance.

However, despite all odds, many guys are successful with attracting girls in public. How they go about doing this may be completely different to some people, though.

What if you just want a girl's phone number?

This may be a little easier to do. Sure, girls don't necessarily trust guys enough to give them their phone number, but if you do manage to have a casual conversation with a girl, there is a likely chance that the girl will give you her phone number.

Try to make your first conversation very casual. No girl wants to know intense details about your life the first time they talk to you. Instead, if a girl gives you the chance to have a conversation with you, talk about something that is happening right at that moment. If you are at a coffee shop, talk about the coffee. If you are at a library or book store, talk about your favorite authors. By doing this, you are creating easy, casual conversation with topics that are already established. Keep the conversation brief, though. You don't want to risk the conversation getting old. If you just met the girl, you need to make sure that anything you talk about is interesting and engaging -- there is no room for error.

After you have your first brief conversation with the girl, politely ask for her phone number. You can say something like, "I have to go, but I'd love to talk to you again. Do you text? Can I have your number?" Texting is an impersonal way of communicating, so this will set her mind at ease because she won't feel pressured to verbally talk to you. If she enjoyed her conversation with you and thought you were interesting, there is almost no reason she wouldn't give you her number. By now, you have already established some sort of trust, which is very important in getting a girl's phone number.

Other tips for picking up girls or getting their numbers.

Understand that they are just people

Girls are people too. They have fears, dreams and interests. If you can take them down off of an unreachable pedestal, you may find that you can relate to them more than you think. There are only certain differences between us. Girls are easily led by emotion, so use emotion to your advantage. Make their encounter with you a positive emotion. By the end of your conversation, they should feel excited that they met you. This will make the process a lot easier and take the pressure off of the event.

Practice what you'll say

Most guys choke when they try to talk to a girl because they don't know what they're going to say ahead of time. Just like in sports, it's good to have a game plan before you do into the game. You should already know where you'll be, what you'll talk about and a backup plan incase things don't go your way.

Be realistic

Don't always try to get the super model's phone number. There is a point system for attraction, and you have to be realistic about your expectations. Chances are, if the girl is really pretty, she already has a boyfriend. If she doesn't, she's probably tired of all the guys that try to pick her up, and you'll be no different from them. Also, some of the most meaningful relationships happen with girls that you may not think is a "10".


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