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Build A Perfect Relationship

Updated on June 18, 2010

Let good deeds shed light to the dark times...

Let go, live freely, love life and enjoy the company of your partner. Do not put your thoughts and feelings about these things to words, do not make rigid plans. Just let yourself grow toward light and give the other one the same freedom too. One who grows toward light is no obstacle to others, it is the dark thoughts that you should let go of, you should let your spouce be what she/he is without manipulating him/her, without putting to words what she/he is like, without making your needs thoughts in your mind. Just plant seeds of love, love toward yourself, love toward life, love toward your spouce and love to ward others and the world at large. In harmony we coexist, such a harmony is in our nature, it grows from us giving room to our real self and to the real selves of all the others, just let them enjoy life without being obstacles to the happiness of others, and you will all find fulfillment in life, a natural harmony that feels like the only obviously right way to live – wide and varied like the human nature...


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