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How to Get any Woman?

Updated on March 13, 2016

How to get her?

What should you do? Well, don´t wait. They won´t come to ask you out. This is your chance to make an impression on her. This is your first date. Take it easy. Some men don´t know how to attract women. To have a conversation is an easy part but to get her is the hardest part of all.

  1. Do not respond to her messages right away. Make yourself distant. Act like you don´t want her.

  2. Show your vulnerability to her. Express your feelings also. For some men it may be a problem. Men hate showing their emotions but if you want to be successful, just try it.

  3. Don´t be available all the time. Tell her how busy you are every weekend.

  4. In the beginning it is good to spend with her as much time as possible. You can also choose to meet her and it will work in the same way. She will need you. Be dependent on you.

"Attraction is only intense when mystery is involved. "

6. Never give her one word answer. You must be creative. Act like you really care for her. If you really do then you will probably work it out yourself.

7. Give her advice. Always ask about her problems. Let´s say you ask
"How was your day?" Let her talk. If you start to talk about your day, she will be bored easily.

8. Don´t make it apparent that you like her. She needs to be little insecure and who likes insecurity??? She will think of you more than usually and this is your goal.

9. Talk about other women that you asked out. That will also make her jealous or at least more interested in you.( this, you should do after you have known her long enough to make this plan work.) Then, after date, say how you could not stop thinking about her.

11. Talk about your party life. How you talked with your friends, whether female or male ones. She will worry that some other women may replace her.

12. As i mentioned, don´t spend too much time with her. This will not add you into category of dateable men. You must be different, more interesting that the others.

13. Defend her not matter what. If she tells you someone treated her bad, express your anger.

14. Make her see, your would do anything to keep her safe.

15. Call her ocasionally. Not too much or she will take you for granted.


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