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How to get over your ex-crush *Friend zone*

Updated on April 29, 2016

"Friend" a simple word that can be use to either hurt or compliment others. Let's talk about the part were the word friend hurts...... A lot.

I've been there before,you know..... pretending like "everything is cool at least were friends" but nobody knows what is happening behind the doors of your room: playing on your phone is a song.. a sad song to keep your emotions into sad mode, your laying side ways trying to get him/her out of your head.

"Forget him/her it's her loss not mine" said your brain "This will only cause you to have a dramatic depression that will lead you too scuicide blah blah...

while your heart says keep saying " no keep trying maybe you can still win his/her heart blah blah....

your heart- Wait! were getting vcery dramatic here i maybe making things worst for you hahaha :D let's just get to the point ok? good.

First step:

Willingness: Take a deep breath promise your self " No extra feeling " treat them like normal friends" .

Stop: stop feeling sorry for yourself. stop making simple thing complicated. stop being so dramatic. stop hiding from your feeling face them with courage and strength.

Be reasonable: Everything happens for a reason, Face it "your never going to be together, So what" maybe there is a more awesome person waiting for you in the future don't be like " ugh! this is the end of my love life" umm don't you think it's a little too much to think that way.

Make a fresh start; There is nothing wrong with going back from whence you came, there is no shame on it either.

Be yourself: Do not feel awkward ... trust me your gonna blow your " getting over process .

Remember failing is a part of living you have to get use to it , wether you like it or not

Not meant to be
Not meant to be


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    • Bj Bonaobra profile imageAUTHOR

      Bj Bonaobra 

      2 years ago

      That's a very nice addition thanks :P

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      Generally speaking it is cowards who end up in the "friend zone".

      Essentially they lacked the courage to be direct about their intentions upon their initial meeting. An early fast rejection beats a time invested slow torture that comes with pretending to be a true platonic friend while silently hoping and praying one day they will see you in a different light.

      Anyone who tells you "We can be friends." or "Lets be friends first and see what happens." is essentially saying; "I don't see (you) as being (the one)!"

      If they did they wouldn't want to leave you on the "open market" for very long. After all there is no such thing as "exclusive friends".

      If you're "hanging out" with someone because you're romantically interested in them you owe it to yourself to make your move early.

      Life is too short to be wasting time with someone who isn't into you. It's better to rip a bandage off fast rather than slowly peel it off.

      The more time you have invested the more pain you will feel.

      Another thing is if you make your move several months down the road the object of your affection may resent you for trying to use a "sneak approach" of befriending them when in reality you wanted much more.

      They're more likely to view your friendship as a lie.

      Thankfully there are over 7 Billion people on this planet! Odds are in your favor there more than few people who would make an ideal mate for any of us. You deserve to be with someone who recognizes you're special right from the beginning!

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde


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