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How to get women's attention on facebook

Updated on July 3, 2015

Short Table Of Things To Keep In Mind

don't like every single posts
Don't comment on every single post
Don't send creepy messages
Do like two posts in a row
Don't leave offensive comments
Don't send messages after a woman hasn't replied to you
Don't like posts more than 1-2 days old
Leave comments on posts asking for feedback
Be respectful when sending a message

Let's Talk About Getting Women's Attention On Facebook

The truth is most men know how to get women's attention on Facebook, but the sad fact is they know how to get the wrong kind of attention. In other words, men have a great ability to turn women away, get them to insult them and to get them to block them on Facebook. Lucky for you, there are a number of things to pay attention to when you want to get noticed (in a good way) by women on Facebook. We'll get straight to the point, if you want to know how to get women's attention on Facebook, then you need to know a few things in regards to the following:

  1. Profile picture
  2. The opening email/message
  3. Liking posts
  4. Commenting on posts
  5. Your statuses
  6. How you interact with other pages (fan pages because others can see how you interact with them)
  7. Sending a friend request

All of the above stuff is what we will discuss and if you follow the advice and tips we are about to go over, then you could be getting noticed by many women on Facebook, so with that said we won't keep holding you up. Let's teach you how to get women's attention on Facebook.

Get Professional Photos Taken


How To Get Women's Attention On Facebook With Your Profile Photo

Men may not like this fact, but many women are vain. The truth is they like attractive men. The good news is that what is attractive to one woman may not be attractive to another. As you are well aware of, many women have their own definition of what is attractive. However, generally speaking if you want to know how to get a women's attention on Facebook, then your profile photo, the main picture, needs to be attractive and not offensive. You don't want an average looking profile, you want a nice looking one that will make you stand out.

So, how do you stand out in a way that will grab women's attention on Facebook? For starters, get a professional picture taken and use that photo for your main photo. Spend a few dollars and have a professional snap some photos. Try to get around 10 photos done, and then alternate your profile photo every 1-2 weeks. If you do this, you will start garnering some attention from women on Facebook.

Basically, to sum it up, you want to do this:

  1. Have professional photos taken
  2. Switch profile picture every 1-2 weeks

Sure this may seem like a lot of effort, but if you are serious about getting women's attention on Facebook, then this is a must. Do it, stick with it and watch the attention start rolling in.


How To Get Women's Attention On Facebook With A Good Opening Email/Message

So, you see a women on Facebook and she is attractive and you send her an email/message saying hi, how are you doing today, or what's wrong because you put up a certain status......Ok you get the idea, but guess what? You probably won't get a response with a generic message like that or you will get a generic response back and it won't go anywhere at all. So, how do you get women's attention on Facebook with an opening message? There are a few ways you can do this, such as:

  • Ask her for an opinion on a question you asked via your status
  • Ask her to look at your site or blog and if there is anything you should change
  • Ask her for recommendations of places to eat or shop in her area or online

Let's go over those three things in more depth so you get an idea of how you can use them to grab women's attention on Facebook.

Opinion On A Question You Asked

Ask a question via status, any question at all (respectful, legal and normal!) and then message a women asking if she could do you a favor and look at your question and provide you with feedback. She'll probably ask why, and just say you wanted to get as many opinions or answers as possible, or something like that, and if she does, then you can take the conversation from there.

Ask Her To Look At Your Site Or Blog

First of all, don't do this if your blog is adult oriented, and you know what we mean. This is just disrespectful. However, if you run a blog that discusses cooking, working out, poetry and anything else that is for a PG or PG-13 audience, then go ahead and ask a women on Facebook if they can check it out and provide you with feedback. If she does, then run with the conversation.

Ask For Recommendations In Regards To Eating, Shopping Etc

If a women has her location listed on Facebook, as her if she can recommend any good restaurants in the area, or ask if she knows of good places to shop online. This is a great way to get women's attention on Facebook.

You get the idea by now, so take some of those suggestions into consideration and you might be surprised at how well this works and before you know it, women on Facebook will be flocking to you.....or maybe not.

How To Get Women's Attention On Facebook By Liking Posts

Those who want to know how to get women's attention on Facebook can do so by liking posts made by women they want to get the attention of. However, this isn't as simple as liking every single post (more on that shortly) that women publish on the social networking site. There is a strategy that you can use and some tips you can keep in mind when it comes to the whole 'liking' situation. Let's go over a few things in regards to getting women's attention on FB via liking.

1. Don't Like Every Single Post

That's right, don't like every single post women put up on Facebook. The truth is that you will grab their attention (most likely), but in the wrong way. You could end up creeping them out, so don't do this if you want to get women's attention on Facebook.

2. Like Meaningful Posts

When you see women putting up posts that is actually meaningful to them, then like those, but only the recent ones that they have put up. Don't like the ones they put up like a week or two ago or any later than a day or two ago. You get the idea.

3. Like Two Posts In A Row

You don't want to like every single posts a woman puts on Facebook, but if you like two in a row, it won't look creepy, well too most people it won't look creepy, so if you want to get women's attention of FB, then go ahead and like two posts that they have published.

Basically keep this in mind:

  • Don't like every single post
  • Like meaningful posts
  • Like two posts in a row

These tips are more of a hit or miss, but they could end up working. And if a woman starts to like your stuff back, then feel free to message her and see if a friendship can bloom from it.


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Video: How To Chat Women Up On Facebook

How To Get Women's Attention On Facebook With Comments

Commenting on posts is a good way to get women's attention on Facebook, but it can either be good attention or bad attention. Obviously you don't want to attract women on Facebook because you left some weird or creepy comment. You want the good kind of attention, the type of attention that can help you create a friendship with women, and with that said, there are a few tips and advice you should keep in mind in regards to leaving comments on women's posts on Facebook, and these tips may help you get their attention, and in a good way.

Leave Comments On Posts Asking For Feedback

One of the best ways to get women's attention on Facebook is by leaving comments on their posts that specifically ask for feedback. This is because they are asking for feedback and they want people to comment on their posts, which means they will likely be paying close attention to the comments that are being left.

Leave Thoughtful Comments

Leave thoughtful comments and not just generic ones. If a woman leaves a status that is generic, then leave something a little thoughtful, if you feel the need to comment on it. For example, if a woman leaves a status about what she ate for dinner, you can ask how she made it or say something like "that sounds good" or something among those lines. A thoughtful comment can grab women's attention on Facebook and lead to a blooming friendship.

Leaving comments doesn't require a bachelor's degree, but put some effort into it and do it the right way and you might grab the attention of women on Facebook.


How To Get Women's Attention With Your Statuses

You really don't want to be posting creepy statuses and if you don't know what classifies as a creepy status, then you may very well be posting creepy statuses already! That's a joke, but seriously don't post creepy statuses. If you want to get women's attention with your statuses then basically keep these things in mind:

  • Don't post creepy statuses
  • Don't post too personal statuses
  • Don't Post offensive statuses
  • Don't talk trash in your statuses
  • Do ask for feedback (only in generic terms such as where are good places to eat, shop etc..)
  • Do post one status daily
  • Do reply to comments

As previously mentioned, stay away from posting creepy statuses. As for personal status, no woman wants to read what kind of baggage you are carrying or things of that nature nor do they want to read offensive statuses or you talking trash to people.

Posting a normal status daily, replying to comments in a respectful way and asking for feedback is a good way to get women's attention on Facebook.

How To Get Women's Attention On Facebook By How You Interact With Other Pages

Do you think women on your Facebook page want to see you commenting on Facebook fan pages in obnoxious and rude ways or immature ways and things like that? Nope, most likely they don't want to see that and chances are they may very well see how you interact with other pages, so don't say ridiculous things.

If you want to get women's attention on Facebook by interacting with other pages, then leave meaningful comments on fan pages, such as on news stories and celebrity pages. Leave nice comments often and some of the women on your page who notice this might notice and strike up a conversation with you. Do this often and you could be attractive women left and right.

How To Get Women's Attention On Facebook via Friend Request

Use a really nice photo of yourself and send a friend request to single women. Yup, that's all there is too it.


Grabbing women's attention on Facebook doesn't have to be difficult and when you know what to do, you could end up getting plenty of attention on Facebook from women. Just remember that not all women on FB is going to like you, so don't be disappointed if women don't notice you or pay you any attention at all. Just keep the information we discussed above and you should be able to increase your chances of getting girls to notice you on Facebook.


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