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How to get your boyfriend to apologize and say sorry: Making him realize his mistake

Updated on October 17, 2013

How to get your boyfriend to apologize and say sorry to you? Whether it is for a fight, argument, shouting, name calling or taking you for granted – you should not have to demand an apology verbally. Instead, use subtle ways to drive home the message. From ignoring his calls to giving monosyllabic replies and from refusing intimacy to canceling dates, find out how you can get your boyfriend to put his ego aside and give you a tender apology.

Don't call him or text him. Let him take the initiative first.
Don't call him or text him. Let him take the initiative first. | Source

1) Don't call your boyfriend, don't send him texts

The first thing you should do to express your displeasure for the lack of an apology is to stop calling your boyfriend. Don't send any texts either. When he calls and asks why you haven't been in touch, give a vague reply without giving any excuses.

If your boyfriend is really a nice guy, he will instantly notice that you are in a bad mood. This lull in your daily conversations should be enough to make him realize that you are angry at him for something specific.

2) Try to avoid meeting your boyfriend until he says sorry

Just like how you stopped calling him, stop meeting your boyfriend until he calls you and apologizes. Every time he asks you out on a date, say no without using any excuse.

Let him take the initiative to ask you why you are depressed. Once he cajoles you with a few sweet lines, tell him that you are hurting because of the way he fought with you. This should ideally be enough for a cute apology on the phone straight away.

3) Ignore your boyfriend's presence when he is around you

Stop being your usual cheerful self when you are with your boyfriend. Ignore him and act as if he doesn't exist when he is around. He will instantly notice that something is amiss.

If he tries to make you smile with his charms, brush him away and remind him of the fight or argument. He will realize that you are still feeling bad about the tiff he had with you earlier.

Looking at how sad you are about your fights should melt your guy's heart.
Looking at how sad you are about your fights should melt your guy's heart.

4) Act sad and depressed instead of sulking: Make him apologize from the heart

If you think that your guy is genuinely unaware of the fact that you deserve an apology for the way he behaved, act sad and depressed when he is around. Don't sulk, because a rude vibe could make him think that you are deliberately trying to start yet another argument.

Try to be as silent as possible and whenever you need to say something, speak in a meek voice. Try not to be too expressive. Let your heart show its true state. If your guy still loves you, he will eventually pick up on your depressed behavior and take you in his arms.

5) Give monosyllabic replies to your boyfriend

If your boyfriend refuses to apologize first despite all your signs of being upset, start giving monosyllabic replies to everything. Answer all his questions with either a Yes or a No.

At the most, reply to anything he has to say in just one word. For example, if he asks you how you day was, just say that it was nice. Keep behaving this way until he finally puts his ego aside and apologizes.

Status updates and tweets directly aimed at your boyfriend without actually mentioning names or a particular situation may drive the point home.
Status updates and tweets directly aimed at your boyfriend without actually mentioning names or a particular situation may drive the point home.

6) Post annoying Facebook status updates and angry tweets

The best part about Facebook and Twitter is that you can give people a piece of your mind without taking their names. Moreover, you can also write subtle yet hard hitting status updates and tweets without being too specific.

Do the same thing with your boyfriend to make him say sorry. Here are a few ideas for tweets and status updates.

  • Haven't been so angry... ever
  • Why don't some people realize how harshly their words can hurt someone
  • I don't remember the last time I was so blue
  • A few sweet words would mean a lot to me right now
  • I wonder what it takes for some people to realize their mistakes

7) Don't reply to your boyfriend's texts, emails or messages on social networks

An easy and immediate way to send your boyfriend a stern reminder of his mistake is to stop answering his calls and replying to his texts. Stop responding to posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all other social networks.

Don't say anything until he sends you a message to ask you why you are so angry. Reply back and ask him why he hasn't been considerate enough to bring a closure to your arguments and fights.

8) Cancel a date with your boyfriend at the last minute: Blame it on not being over your fights

Let your boyfriend bear the brunt of your bad mood by cancelling a date at the last minute. Half an hour before you are supposed to meet or when he is supposed to pick you up, send a text to your guy to let him know that you are cancelling.

When he calls you and asks for the reason behind your fickle mind, tell him that you are still not over the way he shouted at you or argued with you. Drive the point home by saying that you are in a bad mood because you have been unable to sleep, obviously because you have been unable to take your mind off the pain.

Break into a sizzling dance move and walk away. You moves will tickle your boyfriend's heart and maybe make him put his ego aside.
Break into a sizzling dance move and walk away. You moves will tickle your boyfriend's heart and maybe make him put his ego aside.

9) Get your boyfriend's attention by doing something nice: Ignore him afterwards

When your boyfriend becomes heartless and refuses to apologize, you can start playing hardball too. Do something you haven't done before and get his attention. When he curiously wants to find out more about what you did, ignore him.

For example, learn a quick sultry dance move. It can be something as short as a 3 step move. Pull it off with all your sexy attitude when your boyfriend is watching. When he inquisitively asks you about your sizzling step, just walk away. Show some attitude to reinforce the message that he must accept his mistake and apologize to you if he wants to tango.

10) Say no to intimacy: Tell your boyfriend that you aren't in the mood

When all your efforts to get a cute little sorry out of your boyfriend seem to be failing, start playing hard to get when it comes to physical intimacy. Don't lean in when your guy tries to kiss you and give his hugs a cold response.

Hold off on sex as well. Every time you sense that your guy is trying to make advances, tell him that you are not in the mood for sex.

Your behavior will frustrate him. When he desperately tries to find out why you are upset, here are a few examples of lines you can use to make him say sorry.

  • How can I be in a good mood when we haven't brought a closure to what we were discussing the other day
  • I am sad because you hurt my feelings when you called me names
  • How do you expect me to feel happy when you behave so selfishly
  • I am still hurting over what you said to me last night

Dress your best and go on a date with your guy. Find an excuse to leave early so that you leave him with a pretty glimpse of the beautiful girl he once asked out.
Dress your best and go on a date with your guy. Find an excuse to leave early so that you leave him with a pretty glimpse of the beautiful girl he once asked out.

11) Look your best when you meet your boyfriend for a date: Lure him into saying sorry

You can lure your guy into saying sorry by dressing your best when you meet him. Amp up your hotness quotient when you see him next, but don't linger around for too long.

Use any excuse to leave the dateso that you give him just a glimpse of your beautiful self. This will subtly remind him of the reasons that compelled him to ask you out when you guys both met for the first time. This playful trick should tickle his heart and make him feel like pampering you out of your misery.

12) Don't be rude to your boyfriend: Avoid more confrontations

One of the trickiest parts of getting your boyfriend to say sorry is that you must remain emotionally detached when you try to make him realize why you are behaving differently. If he feels that you are being rude to him unnecessarily, he may become angrier. This will lead to more fights, more name calling, more shouting and more regret.

Avoid all this mess by controlling your emotions during the aftermath of your arguments. Try to make him realize his mistakes by showing a calm, level-headed attitude.

Have a heart to heart chat with your guy and ask him if he still feels about you the same way he did earlier. This should be enough to make him realize that he should be more considerate of your feelings.
Have a heart to heart chat with your guy and ask him if he still feels about you the same way he did earlier. This should be enough to make him realize that he should be more considerate of your feelings.

13) Ask your boyfriend if he still likes you the same way he did earlier

Show your emotional side to try to coax an apology out of your boyfriend. Make a cute face and ask your guy if he still likes you like the way he did earlier. Say something along these lines when he asks you, why you are in such a fragile state of mind.

  • I feel like you don't care how I feel anymore
  • You don't treat me the way you used to before
  • How come you never realized I was hurting so much after our fight

Use these lines as conversation starters and drive the point home. A heart to heart chat could be all it takes to make your boyfriend realize his mistake.

14) Forgive him when your boyfriend says sorry: Don't act pricey

If you manage to make your boyfriend say sorry after using one or many of these tips, take whatever he gives you. Don't try to prolong his apology by acting pricey. Any attempts to get more attention can easily put him off.

Allow him to say sorry and finish explaining his side. If you have something to say, keep it crisp and direct. Don't start yet another argument by pulling out the past.


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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      7 months ago from London England


    • fpherj48 profile image


      23 months ago from Carson City

      Princess......(sigh) Even without a photo, I'd have known you are very young. All the suggestions you give are probably very helpful and may even be successful to get what you seem to want~ but only if both you & your boyfriend are very young and inexperienced in how life really works & rather new to intimate relationships.

      Please let me say that you may want to back way up to begin with. Perhaps you have overreacted or blown something quite innocent, out of proportion? It's possible there's no reason to be angry at all. Just take a moment to consider this.

      More importantly, when you feel a need to force an apology from someone or cajole one from him or play silly games to make him fess up.......there's a serious problem beyond the obvious. Ask yourself why you would even want a forced apology?

      I just stopped by because your title is actually concerning. I hope you can take my subtle advice like a mature adult. I am, after all, old & experienced enough to be your grandmother. And BTW, this is exactly what I would have said to my own Grand daughter!... Much luck to you, Paula

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      23 months ago from Florida

      Most of these things are all definitely 'not to do's' when you are married. Not sure they work too well on the unmarried either, guess it depends on the guy.

      But the whole, ignore him, don't text, don't talk... yeah my wife has tried that dozens (probably a lot more than that) of times, sadly for her, I am all too happy to go days without talking, to anyone, if life in general lets me get away with it.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I'm sorry, but if you feel the need to "make" someone apologise for something they've done, you shouldn’t be with tha person on the first place. A person should have the consciousness to know when they have done wrong, unless brainwashed through subliminal messaging, which could well be the case.

      However, you can't physically force anyone to do anything.

      Therefore, this whole topic is as useless as it is irrelevant.

      Having said that; people do change, in various aspects, hence why he may no longer apologise, as at that point it may be irrelevant to him, and perhaps no longer loves you as much, if at all.

      There are times in our lives that we do slip out of control, and aren't aware of what were doing; either through an induced trance, or whatever.

      It does happen, and it is fact.

      It's up to you, to find out how much you love that person and if it is worth fighting for.

      However, most times, when you find yourself in a situation, which you have to question your relationship, it's provably time to move on.

      An apology is something that has to come out of the other person.

      When you play the victim, and go around sobbing, and acting like a little girl, it makes things worse.

      A man perceives things differently, and on that situation expects you to get tougher. Most will just give you the cold shoulder.

      It has nothing to do with love, it has to do simply with the male brain. You cannot change that.

      He just doesn't find it as much of a big deal as you do.

      Doesn't mean he's an insensitive bugger, just means he might have better things to do than to pamper a spoiled little princess.

      On that, I hope this wasn't to harsh, but come on ladies. Really, think about all I just typed here.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Lol, who wrote this a 12 year old? Sounds like stuff my kids do when they fight. Terrible advise!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks, helpful

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind Guides 

      3 years ago from USA

      I lke this hub. LOVE is full of contradictions!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Lmao this article is terrible and full of contradictions. Ex 'dont be rude to him' but lists a bunch of ways you should be rude to him.


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