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How to greet people in Polish - How to say Hello and Goodbye.

Updated on July 10, 2011


  • Cześć (cheshch) -informal - means hello or hi.

  • Dzień dobry (jen-dohbrih) - means good day.

  • Jak się masz? (yahk-shyeh-mash) - means how are you or how are you doing.

  • Co słychać? (tzoh-swih-hach) -informal - is another way to say how are you, or what's up.

  • Siema (shyeh-ma) -informal - is a way to say hey. It comes from jak się masz, mentioned above.

  • Dobry wieczór (doh-brih vyeh-choor) - means good evening. As the name suggests, its only use is after about 7pm or so.


  • Do widzenia! (doh-veedz-eh-nya) - means goodbye.
  • Pa pa! (pah-pah)- is bye-bye.
  • Pa! (pa) - is bye.
  • Dobranoc (doh-bra-nohtz) - means good night, it's used only when saying goodbye, and only in the evening or night.
  • Na razie (na-rah-zyeh) - informal - is an informal goodbye, sort of like see you later. It can also be shortened down to nara (nah-rah).

Now let's see what you've learned! (sorry about the lack of accents)

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    • dobrytyton profile image

      Cezary 24 months ago from Poland

      100 % ;)

    • profile image

      Tony 2 years ago

      I really want to know

    • silverfrog profile image

      silverfrog 6 years ago from Milkyway Galaxy

      Haha yes, Russian is probably pretty helpful with this :)

      Thanks for reading!

    • Stone Gifts profile image

      Stone Gifts 6 years ago from London

      I got 75%, but I know Russian:)

      Thanks for your lesson.