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Simple Guide to Healthy Relationships

Updated on August 22, 2010

Have you met someone who you think may be the 'one'? Does you heart pound in anticipation of seeing this person again? Well then it is possible that you are falling in love. But take heed to the following advice to avoid disappointment.

Consider the reasons you feel this person is special, and what particular attributes are attracting you. Write the answers down and review them for clarity. If it all continues to make sense then you are off to a good start.

Next write down the not-so-good aspects about him/her. Here is where you will need to pay more attention than the positive list. If there are issues present you will need to determine if you can live with them. Don't expect to change the other person. Honestly consider if any of the faults will get on your nerves. Don't be so desperate to just have someone that you overlook potentially annoying habits or behaviors. Because most likely if it's enough for you to put it on the list it's already an issue that you recognize. Be careful that you are not being snobby or judgmental about the issue. It will be unfair for you to accept the issue in the beginning and then start bitching about it later! Your communication should be good enough to talk about the issues and work out a compromise that you both can live with. If this becomes a problem then you are going to have to consider the sincerity of your partner, and the possibility that all of your requests for compromises will be poo-pooed. If you decide to overlook the faults most likely they will eventually cause you to feel unimportant and resentful. Also, check your self-esteem and don't jeopardize it by ignoring your own feelings.


Healthy, mature relationships must start with partners being able to freely express themselves, say what they need to in order to be understood and feel compatible. Be best friends.This in turn builds trust and respect. Nothing beats the feelings of being truly comfortable, safe, in love, and genuinely caring about each other. Such stability will carry over into all the rest of the components of a healthy relationship.

All the best for love and happiness!


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