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Is it the One?

Updated on August 9, 2014

Bigger than I thought

Deeper than I thought
Deeper than I thought | Source

Who is Beauty, who is Beast?

I think a good way to restore lost trust is to try and stop loving them. Push the drama button, let loose the demons, be as nasty as you ever wanted to be in hopes they will be nastier. Whatever it is, girl, that you have to do, do it. You need to get hold of a good reason to hate them.

No faith?

Then hate them - 10 seconds. Ah, you don't even hate them anymore. Ha, no more heartache for them!

If this somewhat works and you can go to sleep without a whispered "Good Night Them." Or "Aw. I still love Them" you can trust that it is not faithful love. Either you or them has no faith in this love.

Fortune is calling

If, on the other hand, there is one that makes it back thorn by thorn into your heart, or better yet, the one who had refused to take a hike even though you had opened the door and aimed the shotgun at One, I think you're done.

I think you found the One that deserves a shot of faith and trust. Well dosed. Careful. Lots of boundaries. Sail pace. Dressed in a white flag.

Love unlimited

If there is one who is deserving, chances are there are more. Now where does all the beauty come from? It must have left a mark.

Also, joining forces makes us stronger.

Spread the love, sister.


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    • shilpesh patel profile image

      patel silpeshkumar 3 years ago from india,russia

      welcome dear, hack writer

    • hack writer profile image

      Nicole Sing 3 years ago from La Habra Heights

      Very true! So I guess the question is: Do I belief?

      Do I belief in human kind? In kind humans? In my own strength? In a greater good?

      It's not about the human someOne, it's about having faith and belief in the whole system.

      Yes, I do!

      Thank you, Shilpesh Patel.

    • shilpesh patel profile image

      patel silpeshkumar 3 years ago from india,russia

      to have faith ! You should first believe in something and this belief never let you ask a question over your love and trust is not a independent word it needs someone else to fulfill and trust needs some expectation with someone else and if this expectation is not fulfill than it leads to sadness and untrust so better not to trust anyone but belief you can have because it is an independent word.and helpful