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How to have fun without friends

Updated on October 25, 2013

Loneliness is a big thing this day and age. People want to spend time with their friends, but sometimes that's just not possible. Maybe your friends are busy working or maybe you moved to somewhere new. Nevertheless this doesn't change anything; you still want to spend time with them. You still want to have fun. So what do you do?

Video Games

New to gaming? Don't know where to start?

  • Get a console: Xbox 360 and PS3 are two of the most popular but if you wait for a few months their successors the Xbox One and the PS4 will be coming out.
  • Get a game: not sure what to get? I suggest starting with GTA V. It's an open world game (a game where you can do practically anything) which has been getting rave reviews. If that doesn't seem right for you, try visiting IGN. It's a gaming news and review site. I check with it before buying any new game.

With over a dozen different consoles (not including pc) and a whole lot more games, you'll always find something to play. This 74 billion dollar industry is the pass time for many people of all ages all over the world. Although many companies advertise gaming as being more fun when you play with people, it is also worth trying on your own. In fact I would argue that paying games on your own is actually more fun. Campaign mode (or single player mode) is the most fun part of a game for me; I'm not that interested in multiplayer. But if you are interested in multiplayer there is nothing stopping you from playing it anyway. You don't need to be with your friends to play multiplayer (you don't even need friends at all to play). For those who don't know, the multiplayer mode in many games allows you to play with complete strangers. You can talk to them if you want but you don't have to.


Not sure what to watch?

Go to IMDB (a film an TV review site) and find a highly rated film or TV series. You have more of a chance liking something highly rated. It can help guide you to the best films.

Many people say that watching movies and TV series' is actually more fun on your own. It can sometimes be impossible to find something that you and all your friends want to watch. This could be the ideal option if you don't have anybody around you at the time.

Also lots of people go to the cinema alone. Some people feel odd doing this sort of thing but people do it all the time; by choice. There is nothing wrong with it at all. It is very common.

Get a Hobby

Do you have a hobby?

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Do you already have one? If you don't you might want to consider getting one. The great thing about hobbies is that many of them can be done alone. In fact may people prefer doing their hobbies without anybody else being with them. They can be very calming and entertaining at the same time. A good hobby is something you find joy doing and is low cost (although there is nothing wrong with an expensive one if you can afford it). Drawing, painting and fishing are all very popular hobbies, it might be worth giving them a go. If you were wondering, my hobby is computer programming.

Learn Something New

Is there something you have always wanted to do or know? Perhaps now is a good time to learn it. Learning something new is a great way to entertain yourself, especially if you are learning something you want to do. One of the best things about the internet is that there is an abundance of free and easy to access resources, tutorials and guidelines on just about anything. If you get good at what you learn you could even make money from it; depending on what it is. If you learn photography you could sell your photos at stock websites and earn a passive income.

Join a Community

Most of my suggestions so far have been ways to have fun, not just without your friends, but on your own too. But if you are missing being able to talk to people joining a community might help. If you have hobby you could search for a local community (or online community) based around that. Do you like books? Try joining a book club. You may not be fortunate enough to have any decent communities in your area but luckily there is a huge amount of communities online; even Hubpages has a community!

After reading this hub I hope this has helped you fill your time with interesting and entertaining things to do without having your friends around you. And even if you are near your friends this list is still good to check out. All of the things I have mentioned can also be done with others too; not just yourself. Thank you for reading.


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      Chris 3 years ago

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      All those lovely brushes make me want to go paint. This is a nice hub; I like being with friends but I also like to do quiet things on my own. I must be good company, I never get bored when I'm alone with myself-- lol.