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How to Know If a Relationship Will Last

Updated on November 26, 2016
How to know if a Relationship Will Last
How to know if a Relationship Will Last

If you’re hanging out with someone or you’re in a long distance relationship definitely you would want to know if the relationship will last a long time or not. Knowing how much you care for each other, what you have in common, your level of interest with each other and how much you compromise instead of fighting to resolve your issues, are all very important to letting you know if you’re just wasting your time being in the relationship. If you maintain good communication, care, trust, and respect one another as lovers and friends then all other things that follows should work out pretty well.

10 Signs That Your Relationship Will Last

1. A good sense of humor:

It keeps the relationship fun and not boring. Also, it keeps all things interesting and makes the two of you want to hang out together always just because you know you'll have a wonderful time being around together. Humor cheers people up and it’s nice to hang out with someone that can make one laugh and happy. There are times when humor has to be put aside and seriousness has to be the order of the day, but for someone who is in a good relationship, those boring times should be less common. A good sense of humor makes a relationship more fun and interesting. You can have a good time with someone who have an awesome sense of humor.

2. When there is love and respect for one another:

It is when you truly love someone, that you would do anything for that person just to see him or her happy. If you respect and sincerely love one another then everything else should work out pretty well. Disrespecting one another can never make a relationship last for a longer time. By respecting your partner so much you’re making him or her aware that you cares a lot about him/her and how he/she feels or what he/she thinks concerns you so dearly.

3. When you understand each other:

The relationship will last if you understand each other and have the same mindset, wants something similar out of life, and always agreeing on most subjects. You should be able to talk to each other about anything. You need to discuss together anything bothering your minds, doing this will make the union grow stronger and stronger.

4. When you have shared goals:

One of the most important things in relationship is common interests. It will make it easy to do things together and have things to talk about without getting bored. If you have common traits and common goals, know that the relationship will last longer. Without these, I really cannot see a cordial relationship coming and growing together over a lifetime.

5. Saying hurtful things to each other but within seconds apologizes:

We often say things we don't really mean when we are angry and those things can ruin a relationship. Apologizing and resolving your differences as soon as possible will make the relationship grow healthy. Although, there is no way you will be together without wronging each other knowingly or unknowingly.

6. You care and value each other opinions a lot:

Like minds always agree on issues easily without hurting one another feelings. You look at things such as how much things you have in common, your level of interest with each other and how much you compromise instead of fighting to resolve your issues. If you feel everything is going nicely then know that the relationship will last.

7. Commitment:

It really depends on how much the duo are committed to each other. It can easily be put as how matured both of you are, and how committed the two of you can be to the relationship. Commitment is also important if you want the relationship to really work and last for a long time.

8. When there is trust:

You need to believe what your partner or the other person is saying that they're true to you, and that you can trust him/her with your possessions as well as thoughts. When there is trust, you won’t have to worry that your friend or partner is cheating when he/she is on special assignment that will benefit both of you. He/she will not do something stupid behind you. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. It is only when trust exist that you'll not feel stressed or suspicious.

9. Good communication:

Communication holds the key to all successful relationships. Without communication, you can't convey love, hope, ambition, desires, dreams, or needs to those around you. If you can’t communicate effectively when dating, then there is no way to build a true and lasting relationship. It is when you know how to communicate well that you would be able to know how your partner is feeling. For those in long distance relationship, latest technology has made communication easy. Through social media, texting, email and video chat you can keep in touch with each other. Therefore, communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

10. Enjoys the present:

Your relationship will last for longer time, if you can wake up each morning and doesn’t cares what that day has to bring as long as you have the other person in your life, all the pains and hardship you have ever gone through emotionally or physically doesn't have any place in your heart or mind any longer. You should both cherish the relationship if you want it to go somewhere better.

Final note, If you’re hanging out with someone and you’re always happy being around him or her, then you might want to watch out for some of the signs that the relationship will last for a longer time. Good luck!

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