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How to know if he is the right man for you

Updated on October 4, 2014

Most girls would agree that nowadays, it is pretty hard to find a guy who would take a girl seriously. And it is quite difficult these days to find that special guy that's really into serious relationships since some of the men that you'll meet along the way just love to flirt or play around with girls, and entering into a commitment is surely not on top of their list. I believe some of us have experienced this thing firsthand or witnessed or heard heart-breaking stories from a friend or from the people close to us, since this is a FACT of life. Sad but true.

Additionally, none of us would want someone who is just fooling around, and having a girlfriend isn't his priority at all, right? We are all wishing to find "the one", someone who definitely knows how to treat his girl right and would include her in every plans that he has for the future. It is truly amazing and overwhelming to hear wonderful things from a person you love the most.

I do believe that finding a person, a "real deal" who would be genuine enough, and would willing to do everything or even go an extra mile just to be with us, isn't impossible at all, but hard to find? Yes. That's why we have to be very extra vigilant in trusting someone to be romantically involved with, for us not to get hurt in the long run. But like I said, there are still a few men out there who also feel the same way. They have so much love to offer but still waiting for the right one to arrive. They also felt that finding someone who would love them in return, is indeed hard to find. Choosing the right man is a very crucial stage for a girl since this will determine what kind of life awaits her with the guy she chooses to share her life with. For us to actually find this type of man, we have to be very careful and try to look for some qualities that you know for a fact would make him a great boyfriend in the future.

The first thing that we have to bear in mind is that, if you are looking for a perfect man then absolutely, you will not find this type of guy. This is the reality , every one of us has imperfections, so try to be realistic and choose someone whom you think has the same interests as you. By this, you will enjoy each other’s company because you both do the same things.

You have to consider also if how a guy treats you. You will definitely feel if what he shows you at the moment are sincere and genuine. A guy that would make you feel special is really the greatest thing.

Friendship is one of the most important foundations in a relationship. Do not enter into a relationship with the person you just knew for a short span of time just because you were immediately smitten with everything about him. This type of relationship is less likely to succeed. It is very important to know a certain person very well before getting yourself romantically involved with him, just take your time. Much better, to be friends with him first and if you both feel that it is already time and you both love each other that much, then go ahead.

You should also prefer someone who has a sense of direction in life. A man who would always think for the future and who takes action just to make his life better in the near future. A man who is very determined in reaching his certain goals and dreams in life, no matter how hard it is. This type of man would likely take a relationship seriously.

Hence, if you want a man that has all the qualities you are looking for, you have to ask yourself first if you have also those good traits. You have to be lovable also for them to like you. For instance, you have to be nice, sweet, or any traits that a man surely wants in a girl. By this, you will also find the man you are looking for, because everything starts within yourself in order for others to like you as well. And listen not just to your heart but most importantly, to your mind, and think not just once, twice but several times if he's the right one who could bring out the best in you. But if you're still having a hard time figuring out if he's the right one for you, try to listen to your close friends or family, since at the end of the day, these are the people who would be true to you and would want the best for you.


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      she_online83 7 years ago

      Thanks QudsiaP1!

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      QudsiaP1 7 years ago

      Very well written.

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