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How to know if she is a Real Friend

Updated on March 20, 2011

Most people can really say that they do have a lot of friends but the thing is,it's hard for them to say if how many of those people whom they call their "friends" are the real ones,wherein they have no doubts of the loyalty and who would always be there to support them whenever there's difficult times in their lives.

Yes, it is very difficult to find people who are so genuine and would accept you as a whole or for who you really are. Some are just nice when they are in front of you where all you can hear from them are nice words, compliments,etc., but the fact is,they are so "fake" and what they have said or shown right in front of you, opposed to what they have said behind your back.It's very painful to discover this since you think that this particular person seems very kind and sweet, and all of a sudden you would hear from another person that she is actually stabs you at the back. This thing is not uncommon and I honestly believe that every one of us has different stories about a friend who betrayed you. And me as well had a lot of experiences about a friend whom I thought my "real friend" but it turned out to be the most fake person I've ever known. Yes,I am very hurt when I found out that this person has stabbed me. That's why I am now very careful in choosing people whom I want to be close with or I want to share my whole life with.

Here are the few qualities that we have to look for in a person before we can say that she is indeed a real friend:

First and foremost, a real friend is a person that is so genuine, what you see, is what you get. She is very true to what she said or have shown to you. She is also a very honest person wherein all the things you need to hear most especially the things that she thinks will make you a better person, will definitely be heared from her, even though it might hurt you a bit.Being honest with you is one of her ways to tell you that,what you are doing is wrong and you need to be corrected since all she wants is the best for you. She doesn't want you to be in trouble and doesn't want you to do things that you might regret at the end.

She is also the type of person whom will stay by your side and will definitely
not turn her back on you. She is still there to support you and would always accept you even if you mess-up. She is a kind of person who will not be tired of listening to your problems and very much willing to help you whenever you need it.Basically, she is always there through thick and thin.

A real friend would make it appoint to call you or communicate with you when both of you are just too busy and you can't afford to meet-up as often as before.She always checks on you to ensure that everything is okay. And she's very excited to hear what was recently happening in your life.

A real friend definitely would not be jealous with what you've achieved in life but instead, she will be the first one who would be proud of what you have achieved and she will be very happy about it.

These are just the few things or traits that usually a real friend have. We have different views about the qualities of a real friend but I just hope these things will help you in recognizing them.


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    • profile image

      the man 6 years ago

      i dont have a real firend she is just ...............

    • profile image

      nick 6 years ago

      i have a female friend but sometimes she shows to me that she doesn't even care how am i she doesn't speak to me ... some other times she sit to my legs she says everything to me she shows that she really love me as a friend !!! when i ask her if i am her best friend she says to me yes and i love you and she doesn't want to lose me . . . .what is happening is she a real best friend or she just want to have some good time and then leave me until she find a new best friend ... ? ? please answer me !!