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How to know if you're in love with a Jerk

Updated on March 18, 2012

Are they the one or are they a Jerk?

Do you wonder if they feel the same way you do? Are they just playing games? Are they the one? So you have given your heart to someone and your not sure yet if they feel the same way. Well i'm going to highlight what a person who is playing games with your heart is (better known to me as a jerk). This is not going to be a long blog, i'm going to get straight to the point. Jerks come in all different kinds of forms (like the devil, just saying) but there are some major signs that they all seem to have. Don't fret if this blog makes you realize that your possible loved one is a jerk who is wasting your time and love. Most of us have been there before.

Jerk Profile 101

When you spend time with this person honestly ask yourself what are you mostly doing? Are you sharing your personal experiences or just having great sex? Is it a little bit of both? Listen every jerk knows for a fact they can't just rely on sex. Even though that is the point for them, they have to make some effort to show you attention. Do they call you and give you attention one day then the next day you don't hear from them in days? Or when you do hear from them its short simple conversation? Trust me this is color of a jerk, they don't show you that much (they will give you some) interest in days because they have to repeat the process with the others. So how do you know if its just they are busy? Well if it was just that they was busy they would text/call you when they can. Lets be real no one is busy all damn day for days. See here the slick part for a jerk they will give you some attention but it will not be a quick response if its about your day or feelings. If you want to test it send something really sexual to them and watch how quick they respond. When you argue does it take days or weeks for you to make up? Yes don't be fooled if someone loves you they will make the effort to make sure things are right. They won't leave you hanging for days wondering. Are they cheating? The answer to this question is possibly. A jerk is very good at covering there tracks so you won't know. If you suspect they are then they are. Simple. Why? Every person has a "feeling" when the person they with are is straying. With a jerk it is always true. They just aren't stupid enough to come out and say it. They may act like they want to be apart of your life, listen, give you hope, tell you how wonderful you are, but if there actions almost the next day or minute say otherwise then you know they are a jerk.

In closing

A jerk can be a man or woman. I'm not singling out any sex. Although i'm saying that if the person is the one then they will always treat you like your number one. They will understand and be around even when your sick. They will do everything to make it work because they want you in there future. No one can be there every second of every day, but they give you the most of there time. EVERYDAY. So if you even need to ask yourself if they are a jerk or not then deep down you already know the answer. The rest is up to you. Love is hard to let go off but seriously do you want to be with someone who always has excuses why they can't be with you when you need them? If they are the one then it will just work period.


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    • profile image

      jaqky Hernandez 10 3 years ago

      You can fall in love with a jerk but the y can steal your own heart . Be very carefull; -):-).

    • KikiCobain profile image

      KikiCobain 6 years ago from Lancaster, Lancashire

      Sometimes these kinds of people make it too obvious. It's the really sneaky, vindictive kind of jerk that is the worst. Interesting Hub :)

    • Mistressoflove profile image

      Mistressoflove 6 years ago from Rhode Island

      Thank you for your commenting on the hub!God bless to you too v7. Jynzly I'm actually talking about both. In person it is much easier but sometimes the signs can be overlooked because jerks can so easily cover there tracks or give good excuses for any given situation. Indeed I agree everyone should be careful. :)

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      I am not sure if you are talking about "internet personality" jerks. If this person is the one in the internet then don't expect...he is not just a jerk, he is demented, a hungry predator; don't be a victim don't give him any damn thought. If he is a person you know in real life situation then it would be easier to see his flaws and you won't expect another chance of hearing from him.

      Sometimes we think we are in-love, not really, we are just being "gullied", be careful with your heart.

    • vector7 profile image

      vector7 6 years ago

      Yep, been there. Had two of them. One for eight years and another for two.

      I'm pretty picky now. They have to love God, and love me. Genuinely.. Or no chance.

      Love God because He's my everything, and I tried the just anyone thing.

      I call them 'users'..

      Nice hub. Makes me feel better about my past and future.

      God bless.