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How to know you have a frenemy

Updated on April 18, 2012

You've seen on shows like Gossip Girl Serena and Blair. Best friends but sometimes can get jealous of each other. Or Pretty Little Liars Ally always tries to make her friends feel bad about themselves. Sometimes the people we think are for us aren't. Here are 10 ways how to tell you have a frenemy:

1) She always blabs to you when someone has something negative to say about you.

2) She agrees with the other person when they have something negative to say about you.

3) She is never happy for your awards.

4) She makes you feel guilty for the decisions you make.

5) She talks down to you.

6) She will go after a guy you like.

7) She will speak to people who are mean to you.

8) If a guy she is dating doesen't like you, she won't speak to you.

9) She talks about you.

10) She enjoys seeing you upset.

If you have a friend like this break away. It's not going to get better. Life is short. Focus on people who raise you up and not bring you down.


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    • profile image

      Rosalinem 5 years ago

      very well put,if someone is not for you then its better to be by yourself, Voted it up and useful.