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Signs That You're "in Love."

Updated on March 13, 2018

Don't fight it...embrace it.

Being "in love" is a wonderful experience. People tend to fight this "natural feeling" instead of embracing it because they think it's a sign of emotional weakness. Men and women alike enjoy having someone to share experiences, snuggle with at night and a reason to wake up every morning. Don't harden your heart and become cold because of some past heartbreak or failed relationship. Rather, be open to love, your heart was made to handle it. Here are some clear signs that you are in love:

You can share ANYTHING with him/her. No topic is off limits. This person is your confidante, best friend and most welcomed critic. You are confident this person will not judge you or be offended by your words, which makes it easier to be yourself around them.

You can't wait to share your day with that person. Your boss praises you for a job well done or a coworker did the same annoying thing today and the only thing you can think about it "I can't wait to tell him/her when I get home." It may seem mundane to someone else, but it's opening your life to someone else because you enjoy they reactions and/or opinions.

Everything reminds you of him/her. Whether it's a restaurant, movie or song, he/she seems to be everywhere. It can even be a gesture someone makes or a particular laugh that sparks a memory you had with that person. It's awesome when "mother nature" gets involved and you start seeing hearts carved in the rocks.

The first and last voice you want to hear. It's the voice that assures you everything is okay. You miss it like crazy when there's a break in the routine or if the person is out of touch for a while.

You want to shout it. You start including this person in your conversations with others, simply because you want to. You enjoy when people ask about that person because you get an open platform to talk about him/her and share your happiness. If you had the chance you probably would shout it from a mountaintop.

You want to be a better person because of him/her. This person makes you want to be a better you. You want to look better, eat healthier, achieve more and quit bad habits or whatever it takes to make them happy. You're not changing for that person, but rather enhancing yourself for the sake of another.

It feels right. When you know, you know. There is no doubt in your mind and no one has to convince you of your feelings.If you're dreading to run into that person, avoiding their calls or hoping they don't need you for anything, then it's time to reassess. Being in love is a natural feeling and it should feel that way too...natural.

Saying "I'm sorry " is easy. You have no problem apologizing to that person after a disagreement. Your intention is never to hurt that person or be the cause of any strife. Arguing is normal, but you always want to ensure that person never stays angry or hurt.

Can't imagine your life without them. This person is part of you now. Every breath you take is one more moment you get to share with them. Life would have no meaning and you would be shattered if they ever left.

We all experience love at some point in our lives, but very few of us can say we are honestly "in love." Some of us are excellent at "going through the motions" because we feel sorry for the other person or need to please a family member. Either way, you're robbing yourself of experiencing true love.


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