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How to land a boyfriend

Updated on April 20, 2015

So you want a boyfriend. You wonder how you get one. There are many way. First thing don't listen to the advice you have been given all these years. Go out to meet guys.

Going out is important but if you want only one guy you need to know what you are looking for. Sure you could meet a guy but you could meet any guy. Do you really want to accept a date with the first guy who comes along? If he is your type then go for it but do not settle. Take some time for yourself and make a list of what you really want in a future mate.

Go places where you think this guy might be. If you want the sweet, shy guy you are not going to find him at a bar or a club. If he is there he will be too shy to come up to you. Try going to a book club or somewhere where there are smart guys and start a conversation. Coffee shops and bookstores are a good place to go also. If a guy is shy smile and take things slow. Do not expect him to ask you out right away.

Get out of that mentality "When a guy likes a girl he asks her out right away." Some guys are shy and thinking like that is only going to get you depressed. It is going to make you time how long it is taking for him to ask you out and you will focus more on it not happening. That will only slow down your process of getting a guy.

Love yourself. Be confident and focus on you. You have heard the saying a million times "You cannot expect someone to love you, if you do not love you." Know that you are worthy of being in the relationship you desire and deserve. Once again never settle for second best.

Don't be trashy. Trashy girls attract trashy guys. Show guys that you are more than just a one night stand. Do not wear clothing that is too revealing or flirt too much. He will think you are like this with every guy and not see you as relationship material.

Be open. Do not cross your arms. Make sure you smile. Relax and do not act stiff. When you are too serious guys will think that you are not into them and are snobby. Show him that he could be comfortable around you.

Strike up a conversation. Get to know a guy. Smile and if he smiles back and makes eye contact talk to him. Get to know him and be friends first. Show him he could relax around you and as time goes on make him see that you are girlfriend material. The best relationships start off as friendships.

Stay positive. There is a saying "You are going to kiss a lot of frogs before you get your prince." You just have to put yourself out there. No matter what happens be positive. Do not give up. Your dream guy is out there, sometimes it is just all about timing. Sooner or later you will land your dream guy.

Visualize the perfect guy. Picture yourself going on romantic dates. See yourself taking a walk with your dream guy and holding his hand. Try getting into what it feels like to have the boyfriend that you want now.

Be yourself. Do not try to change yourself to impress a guy. The truth always comes out and when a guy finds out that you lied to him about who you are, he will not want to be with you. You do not want to start off a relationship with a lie. If a guy cannot accept you for who you are then you do not want to be with that guy. A good guy loves and cares for the girl he is with just the way she is.

The right guy is out there. You never know when your next boyfriend will be or who he will be. He is out there. Just remain positive and try doing these steps. Love is one of the best feelings in the world.

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