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Building Great Friendships Through Social Networking On-line or Face to Face

Updated on November 17, 2015


Join groups of people with common interests

Not all of us are good at socializing, but we all need friends who we can share with. Making friends is sometimes more like an ordeal to some people while to others it is as natural as breathing. Each new day finds a plethora of people communing and commuting, adding to the hustle and bustle of life in various places. Volumes of people create movement in the cities, the schools, the towns, the workplace, and even right there in our homes where they are accessible with just a few tabs on the computer. That's right! The internet.

On a religious 24/7 mission the internet is flooded with people connecting with each other all over the world. Meeting and forming friendship on line and staying connected through IMs and emails is fun. Some people may even find it less daunting than trying to make friends with someone they can see and touch in real time.

Another fantastic way of meeting people and forming long lasting friendships is to join groups of people who share interest similar to those you are passionate about. These groups are not hard to find. They include your local support groups and associations, women's/men's clubs, Kiwanis Clubs and other charity or self enhancement groups.

Finding and joining a group which shares your interest does not guarantee that you will automatically start making friends. These groups, like any other, are driven and kept sustained by the involvement of the members. Be prepared to participate in the activities of the group. Be conscious of the fact that you may not make friends with all or even most people in the group. Sharing common interests does not guarantee a chemistry that will generate friendship. Friendship building is not a magic wand affair. There will be those who you will eventually become good friends with over time. If you are accustomed to being a grumpy and unpleasant individual, you may want to work at changing that. No one likes to be around people who display those character traits. Such traits act much like a repellent, and will only drive people away from you.

Take the Initiative to Make Friends

Do not always sit back and leave it up to someone else to initiate a conversation. Get up and socialize. Observe the people around you. Spend time online checking out the profile of people who catch your eye, make contact with those whose mannerism appeals to you the most, and then initiate a conversation. Your approach is key.

Some people are natural at initiating and building a conversation quite easily while some have to work a bit harder at it. Be positive and confident in who you are. Use your strengths and weaknesses to help you along.

Do not shun your weaknesses. Explore and become comfortable with them. Do not be in a big rush to change. Just pace yourself and work on each weakness as you build your friendship with others. It is folly to shun who you are and to pretend to be whom or what you are not. Use your good and bad points to work on those attributes that make you an unfriendly person. Be true to yourself.

Avoid trying to make friends with individuals just because of who they appear to be. By this I mean people who are popular and seem to have it all going for them. Connect with persons who have depth. These people would normally be appreciative of others in spite of their limitations. If you find that you have to strain to hold on to a friendship and it causes you to step outside of yourself in a negative manner, do not be afraid to let go. Allow yourself to be pulled only by positive forces so that you will experience constant positive enhancement.


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