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How to make marriage work with improved sex life

Updated on February 12, 2011

Love alone not the answer

Love is the most important factor in making a marriage work. But love alone cannot bring happiness in a marriage. There are other factors which help to cement a marriage together. The first one of those factors is sexual intimacy.

Nature has endowed man and woman with certain bodily desires and sexual urge is the most important of these desires. The need for sexual outlet is the most power reason among many others for going into marriage relationship. Sexual starvation or unsatisfactory sexual life could results in marital woes such as infidelity, triangular love or an outright loss of interest in the spouse.

Sexual intimacy is essential for a long-lasting relationship. If your marriage is going through a turbulent time due to unfulfilled sex life, here are some key idea to help improve your sex life and make your marriage work better.

Understanding the value of sex

First of all couple should not be ignorant of the greatest benefit that could be derived from pleasurable sexual activity. Evidences form thousands of scientific investigations reveals that sex can be very therapeutic in many ways. It can reduce the ageing process and improve life expectancy. Apart from being a great form of exercise which can burn unwanted calories, it could also enhance the performance of the heart thereby eliminating some heart prone diseases.

Sense of oneness

Furthermore marriage is all about oneness. Sexual intercourse facilitate the journey to oneness and thereby improves intimacy. It is during lovemaking that the myth of two people becoming one is actually actualised with the union of the sexual organs. This ends up to strenghten the sense of belonging or bond existing between the spouses. It also boost the self esteem of couple by being wanted by someone you want. Benefits that could be derived from sexual intimacy are endless.

More room for sex

Secondly the desire for sex in a marriage should not be down-played or waived aside. Sexually starved partners have the tendency of becoming resentful, revengeful and uncooperative. It is therefore suggested that couple should make love at least three to four times per week or as much as the wanted without any form .of restraint. Adjustment could made in consideration to the age of the marriage and the stamina of the couples.

Making sexual activity more exciting

Thirdly lovemaking should be made a pleasurable activity. In order to make the act more exciting, couple should get rid of unnecessary body odor,which can be repulsive to the partner. As a prelude to the main activity, couple need to be sexually attractive by putting on sexually exciting clothes and under wears. This could act as a sex appeal and arouse the interest of the partner. Music and a little wine has been known to have the capacity to make people feel sexy. This can be engaged as an appetizer before the main course. A lot of foreplay is also necessary for the stimulation of the erogenous zones.

Conflicts should be resolved

Fourthly couples should learn to resolves any outstanding conflict in every areas of the marriage before engaging in love making. No husband or wife can give her best in term of emotional solace tenderness and sexual pleasure when conflict or misunderstanding exist in the relationship. The issue of a wife's frigidity could also be be resolved by the husband's response to the guidance given by the wife during lovemaking. Only a woman know how she can be pleased or satisfy and she is in the position to give the guidelines. This can also erases any area of ineptitude as the husband learns from his wife a more pleasant way of satisfying her in bed. A woman can only perform to the optimum level when feel loved and not merely seen as a sex object or a legitimate prostitute.

Finally love can still be the deciding factor in the equation. Couple could only attain the highest height of sexual pleasure and greatest fufillment when the emotion of love and affection are its driving force. Naopleon Hill a famous author says "Marriage not bless with the eternal affinity of love properly balanced and proportioned with sex cannot be a happy one and seldom endure".


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