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How to meet women on facebook; How to have a "women friendly" facebook page that will attract women to you

Updated on January 21, 2015
Attracting women to your facebook page can be acheived
Attracting women to your facebook page can be acheived | Source

Making your facebook page "women friendly" is fairly easy. With a few changes you will begin to attract more and more women to your page. Emphasizing "women friendly" subjects and minimizing topics that tend to turn women off is very effective in attracting more women to your facebook page. Some other techniques involve being attentive to the women that visit your page as well as having a decent amount of personal information posted. Monitoring comments and keeping a positive tone will also work to make your facebook page the one that women flock to.

One technique for meeting women on facebook is to have a woman friendly facebook page; this will attract more women to your page. In order to create this type of page you will need to start including things that woman are interested in and start minimizing the things that might turn women off. This doesn’t mean that you will be presenting a false image of yourself, it will still be you, but rather a groomed image, a more attractive you. Your image will be well groomed and prepped to meet and attract women, lots of women.

Crossover topics are great because both women and men are interested in them. Posting these crossover topics will not only attract women, it will keep them visiting your page and most importantly commenting and getting to know you.

Posting animal photos is one way to make your facebook page a "women friendly" one.
Posting animal photos is one way to make your facebook page a "women friendly" one. | Source

Cross Over Topics

Post Topics that both Women and Men are Interested in called "Crossover Topics"

These topics work so well because they function as ice breakers. They are neutral subjects that men and women can connect with, a women will comment on them and then "bingo" the ice is broken and communication can begin.

Some great crossover topics include:

  • Music could be a starting point; you could begin posting some of your favorite songs and information about bands and music artists that interest you.
  • Nature is another interest shared by both of the sexes; you could post nature photos.
  • Animal lovers abound, posting photos of animals that you find interesting are not only interesting to woman but also great conversation starters. Try posting your pet photos too, these will attract women and offer excellent conversation starters.
  • Travel is another great topic to post about, you can include past trips, current explorations, future destinations as well as dream travel, places that you might never actually visit.
  • Posting about current events can also attract women to your page but be careful not to post any radical opinions; those might work to repel some women.
  • Books and movies can be another common ground but depending on the subject matter can also repel some, so be careful what you are posting and think of how women might perceive it.
  • Food is another shared interest that can work to attract more women to your page but don’t go overboard and post every meal; this can easily become monotonous and boring.
  • Cooking is of course a great conversation starter and a very attractive quality in a man, if you can cook show it off, women want to know.

Some more topics to post include:

  • Quotes
  • Poetry
  • Art work
  • News Articles of interest to women
  • Photos of your life and surroundings

Quad bikes may be of great interest to you but women most likely won't want to see this on your page
Quad bikes may be of great interest to you but women most likely won't want to see this on your page | Source

Turn Offs

Turn offs - things that you shouldn’t post

Now that we have touched on some great topics that will attract women to your facebook page let us touch on some no-no’s. There are some things that simply turn many women off, not all women of course, but most. It is OK to have these topics on your page but by all means keep them to a minimum.

  • Sports

While some women are avid sports fans, most women would be turned off by a page full of recent scores and sports articles, this will turn away the woman that you are trying to attract.

  • Hunting

Hunting might also turn off some woman; hunting is fine, but posting about it - not so much.

  • Video Games

A page filled with video game information is yet another turn off to many. If you are an avid gamer then leave this information there but realize that many woman aren’t attracted to this.

More Tips about Attracting Women to your Facebook Page

Visit your facebook page regularly

If your page is interesting, friends and friends-of-friends will likely show up but if you are often away for periods of time you might be forgotten. Visiting and posting on your page fairly regularly works to keep and gain new friends and specifically the women you are trying to attract.

Monitor comments

Remember to monitor your comments, tending to your page will make your women friends feel well treated and in return will attract other new friends to your page, including women. Remember to like and respond if appropriate to what your female visitors are saying. You are the host, make your guests feel welcome, appreciated and wanted.

Make friend suggestions

Making friend suggestions also keeps your page alive and well, you are broadening your facebook reach and increasing the chances of meeting women on your page.

Keep a positive tone

In order for your current friends to hang around and to increase the possibility of attracting new friends work to keep a positive supportive tone, this makes your page very women user friendly.

Avoid the dreaded skeleton page...have some personal information and a real photo on your page so that women will more likely accept your friend request
Avoid the dreaded skeleton page...have some personal information and a real photo on your page so that women will more likely accept your friend request | Source

Use real photos of yourself, one is enough, and fill out a reasonable amount of personal information. If after you make a friend request a woman comes and finds a ghost of a profile because there are no real photos and only a small amount of information about you, your request might be declined. Be real; don’t appear to be a facebook skeleton.

Building a huge following of women on your facebook page is possible. By emphasizing some of your female friendly interests and minimizing others you will see a gradual increase in woman seemingly flocking to your page.

Understanding the Indirect ways of meeting Women on Facebook

© 2014 Ariel Laur


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