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How to meet your new wife

Updated on September 5, 2011

How to meet your new wife

How to meet your new wife

So after all the partying and one night stands, you think it is time to settle down with a single woman. You had your fair share and believe that it is time to make a family with a girl that could potentially love you. But you have no prospects. Have no fear, JawnFC is here to tell you about all the ways you can meet your new wife...or just a woman to spend some quality time with.

Here are ways to meet a wife:

  • Online dating -- Have you tried putting your face on the internet? Maybe it will catch a few eyes from single and willing females. Post up your life story and market away. In no time you should find someone to go out on a date with, or at least stock you.
  • Going to the mall -- Next time you head out to the mall to buy useless crap, might as well look around and scope out some potential women to become your wife. Once you see that girl in, let's say, the food court, go over to her and say, "Hi." See if you can start small talk from there. If you get past the point of small talk, ask your potential wife for her phone number.
  • Looking around at work or school -- These are the places to find stable and intellectual type of woman. These will be the perfect place to find a wife that will have, probably, a good understanding of communication and complex rational. This is the place that will increase your odds of having a smart wife.
  • Meeting friends of friends -- Just wait to your next get together with some of your friends. Eventually someone is going to bring out someone new. Hopefully that someone new will be your new wife...
  • Speed dating -- These speed dating events are available in your city. Just look them up in your phone book or online. Sign-up and get ready to meet people looking for someone to connect with on another level--like you!

These were a few ideas on how you can pick up your new wife. Basically, you have to put yourself out there and see who is going to be interested in you. That's it. Go now. Show all the women in the world your face because you never know who will want to be your wife! Peace.


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