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How to notice the signs of a fake friend

Updated on March 12, 2016

Before I get into my subject of noticing the signs, we live an a nation of people who claim that they have true friends, but overall they're not.

What do I mean by this? Most people can't determine the wolves from the sleep. They just pick every single person who comes their way as their friend.

Without using careful discernment, they have the mentality that everyone is their friend.

These particular people don't carefully watch a person's character, loyalty and love in order to determine is that worthy or not.

Contrary from these things, I want to speak about the signs of a fake friend


This will be on first on the list! I want to make this point! Just because someone hang out with you, it doesn't mean that they're your friend.

Just because that person is always smiling in your face, it doesn't mean that they're your friend.

Just because that person is always smiling in your face, it doesn't always mean that it beautiful and cute!

Just because that person is always smiling in your face, it doesn't mean that they're excited and happy to be in your presence.

A smile isn't always a language that person is excited to see you. it also doesn't mean that person gladly rejoices with you.

It can sometimes be languages of jealous, anger, and hatred. Under the hidden smile, their actions will give it away.

These vibes will probably say, "You need get away from me. I can't stand you. I really hate you. I don't want to be around you."

This can also be a language of wanting to get something or to use you for their selfish benefit.

Based on my experience, the majority of people who constantly smile in your face; they're some of the most two -faced, backstabbing, and fake people that I've ever seen.

Notice folks, I didn't say everyone that enjoys smiling act two -faced and only based what I have seen.

My point is to watch a person who is always smiling in your face. The reason why because majority of the time they could be deceiving you. Their true colors haven't came out yet.

The number one thing to watch about these types of smiling people is the way they talk, and their vibes. These two things will reveal if they're fake or not.


What does this mean!? A friend who speak words and their actions don't in line with their words, it's nothing but talk. That's a fake friend.

Let's say for instance, a person who says," I care for you!"

After that person says that particular statement, it's important to ask yourself these questions!

Has the individual never make an effort call or send a text message every now and then to check on you?.

Has this individual never make an effort to send you encouragement every now and then!?

Have they ever made a tag on you on facebook more than once?

If they have not shown these efforts, this will prove they're not a true friend.


What do I mean by this? If one is in a situation where another individual wants to fight him or her, but the so -called friend stand by and does nothing.

However, the fight starts and this-so called friend doesn't participate to help. This so-called friend just stands by and watch! This person doesn't do any thing.

That person will sit back and watch their friend bleed on the ground after taking a beating from the individual.

This is a sign of a fake friend not a true one.

A true friend will always have your back, and even will try to hurt another individual if one hand is laid on you.


What do I mean by this? A person can promise an individual to meet at a particular place on that day and time, but never shows up.

Due to not arriving, that person never calls nor texts ahead of time to indicate that something happened .

This indicates the person wasn't interested in calling to inform about the situation.

Besides, I will commend the people who will let you know ahead of time that a situation has happened.

To add to the previous statement, I will also commend those people who they will call you asap to tell you that an emergency happened during the time that both parties are supposed to meet.

Or sometimes, those people will call asap if they got held up at work, or dealing with some family issues. I commend those people too.

Overall, There are some people that will be a no call or no show. This is what I call a person who leaves an individual high and dry.

This is an indication these people are extremely lowdown, selfish and self-centered. They don't care about nobody, but themselves.

In contrast, if a person leaves you high and dry. Forgive that individual , but don't give nor take another chance to re-build that friendship.

Once a person leaves you high and dry, that individual is going to do it again.

Don't trust that person !!!!!!!!!!!


In some situations, that both parties can go to a certain place, but will be there for a long or short time. Later on, that person will leave and never come back.

That person never calls about their whereabouts. Leading to that person just left the individual there without no ride, this is really being lowdown.

In most cases, Some people are extremely lowdown to leave a person high and dry when it's far away from home.

Sometimes, It can cause the person a great deal of money trying to get back home. It could also probably cost them their job.


There are a lot of people who can't keep their mouth shut. They love to run their mouths just like the energizer bunny behind an individual's back.

These people show that they don't care if the secret is out. They don't care what type effect caused on the individual emotionally.

If a person ever tells your any of your secrets or business to other people after telling them not to say a word to nobody, it indicates that individual is a fake friend, not a true one.

A person who tells your secrets, he or she isn't trustworthy.


This part, I extremely hate with a passion. I want to say some people can be extremely tricky when it comes to fake posing.

Most of you will ask, " What do I mean by fake posers?"

These are certain people who want to be your friend, but they have another objective in mind.

In other words, their objective is that they want you to tell everything about yourself in order to spread your business to other people! These folks don't want tell anything about themselves. .

Some people want to give an excuse saying, " Well, that person is just shy!"

That's not shyness!!!!!That's a person who doesn't want the friendship bad enough.

If that person wanted the friendship, he or she would do what they have to do to make it happen. No excuses attached!!!!!!!!

What do I mean by this? That person would talk in order to hold a conversation.

That person would immediately jump on an invitation when given the offer by that individual.

That person would immediately go out their way in order to prove their friendship.

When these folks aren't doing these things in order to develop a friendship, they are fake people. I call these type of people, " Takers"

My final point is that some people will be as fake, but never take for granted the true ones. Real friends will be there for you.

It's very important to always keep the ones who are faithful and grateful for being in your life because they're not going anywhere.


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    • dreamer32 profile image

      dreamer32 23 months ago from Mississippi

      I really thank you so much meenakshibhati.

    • meenakshibhati profile image

      meenakshibhati 23 months ago

      Very nice and descriptive hub. you thoroughly clarified the difference in a fake and true friend. GOOD GOING.