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How To Play a Player

Updated on March 31, 2011

Top Ten Tips

 RULE NUMBER ONE: Everything is a game to him. It is all about the chase and challenge.

  The average player views everything as a game. The game consists of what he can and can't get from you, how far he can push you and how much you are willing to give for him. He is the center of attention in everything. Remember, this is his game, you are just a pawn.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Take your feelings out of this. (I know that one is hard.)
   If you are attempting to play your player, take your feelings out. You will just get hurt more if you keep yourself involved.  Your emotions are his biggest weapon. Take away his ammo with out taking away his interest.

RULE NUMBER THREE: Leave him wanting more of you and you less of him.

    Give your attention to the other guys around. Smile, laugh and flirt. NEVER TAKE ANY OF THEM SERIOUS. Your player will get jealous of the others attempting to gain your attention.  Guys enjoying being the center of your universe. They like to have you waiting for them at all times. When he calls or texts, wait a while before responding. It leaves him curious as to why you can't talk to him. What is more important than him?

RULE NUMBER FOUR: Instead of agreeing to his plans, go out with the girls.

    When he wants to go do something, tell him you are busy. Don't do it every time or it will look like you have no interest in him. Don't let him rule your social life. Go out to the club and get some drinks. Go have fun with your friends. When he calls while you are out answer and then be too busy to talk. (As childish as it seems, it does work.)

RULE NUMBER FIVE: Learn his quirks.

   What are his flirting habbits? Learn his moves and his one liners. Every little detail on this is important. When he flirts with the other females, flirt with them too. (Doesn't matter if you are straight or not. It sends the message that you have other interests and it takes the attention off of him.) Can you tell when he is lying? Look up some info on reading body language.

RULE NUMBER SIX: What does he have to gain?

  What are his goals? What is he going to gain from you? What is it that keeps him around you? Figure out why he is hanging around and what it is he is expecting to win from you.

RULE NUMBER SEVEN: What is his past relationships like?

  You can learn from the past. If you can find out the why's and how's of what he does/did, you can figure out his next moves. Player's rules: If it worked once it probably will again.

RULE NUMBER EIGHT: What do his friends say?

   Friends (sometimes unkowingly) give you the information that you need. Pay attention to what his friends say. A lot of it may be stupid stuff but somewhere in all those trips down memory lane, is some useful information.

RULE NUMBER NINE:How does he spend his money?

  Does he throw his money about?  Does he complain about never having enough? His money situations can tell you a lot about him too. He spends money like its monoply? Chances are, it's a front and he is doing it for everyone. Act completely disinterested on that subject. Is he a money hoarder? Either he is truly in a tight spot or he has been blowing his money on things he shouldn't such as gifts for other women, drugs, strippers or the sort. Don't let him get into your money situation. If you do, you just flushed all your money down the toilet.


  In this game, one of his goals is for you to fall for him. Once that has happened, he has an all-access pass to EVERYTHING. I know you people are saying I wouldn't fall for him, but it does happen. Reference to RULE TWO. Keep all emotions out of this. It is harder to do when you are in love/have a kid with the player. (Been there done that) When love is involved all these rules go out the window. It complicates everything and creates more heart ache and problems for you.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few helpful hints.

1. Leave a hair tie in his car. If the shift is in the middle, leave it around the gearshift.

2. If you do his laundry, check his pockets. What do you find?

3. Does he all the sudden have new moves in the bed? Find out how he learned them. Most of the time it came form other women.

4. Has he changed any of his looks? New cologne? Changes like these don't happen magically.

5. Of course a major one is Body Language. Again, if you can't read body language then read some stuff online.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Huh...nearly a year too late for me. Hopefully not for someone else.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Good suggestions i believe i am in this situation now thank god i found out now then later

    • profile image

      very good info 

      7 years ago

      very good info bt remember sum players read a lot like this so it makes them very smart at track u wana play them they 1 step ahead

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      very interesting

    • scentualhealing profile image


      7 years ago from Georgia

      thank you for sharing this information


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