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How to recovery from tragic sitations on love

Updated on September 18, 2015

Don't embrace tragic situations

Don’t make the upsets of your life your tragic story of your life. Has loved been unreturned? Have you been hurt? Have you been used? Have you been disappointed or disregarded? Have you love someone who has not loved you back? Divorced or widowed-let that tragic situation to become your story. It takes courage to love, try again, trust again, and believe in love when things go wrong. Understand that life has challenges and anyone can recover from tragic situation if they choose to do so.

Smile again.

Laugh again.

Hug again.

Love again.

Trust again.

Have faith again.

Refuse to be the character of Miss Havisham (Great Expectations –Charles Dickens) – stopping life to continuously celebrate the wrongs, hurts, and tragedies of one’s life.

The Conclusion and Questions

There are lessons to be learned and wonderful experiences that face your future. Do you know people who can’t let go of the past? Do these people sabotage their futures by refusing to move forward and open themselves up for love and life’s experience? At some point one must move forward from telling a story of tragedy and move forward to stories of triumph by living life to its’ fullest.

How have you recovered from bad situations in your love life?

The Good Times - Al Green

Miss Havisham


Recovering From HeartBreak

Resilience defined as available on the web:

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems or workplace and financial stressors. It means "bouncing back" from difficult experiences.

How do you bounce back from love tragedy in life?

  1. Allow yourself to experience the loss. Were you betrayed, hurt, or left broken by a failed relationship. Allow yourself to experience the emotions associated with the situation. Stay here a short amount of time, this is not he story you plan to tell people and explain that you never recovered from the loss.
  2. Analyze what happened. Be responsible for your role in the situation. Be aware of the role of the other party in the situation. Be honest with yourself about sings and knowledge displayed about the person causing the offense that you possibly ignored while dating or while involved in the relationship. If you need counseling get counseling or join a support group to help you to acknowledge situations you many need to address that are playing a huge negative results role in your life. Figure out what went wrong and how to address things differently in the future.
  3. Decide to be a victor, warrior, and a winner. After analyzing your situation you should move onto stage two which is reclaiming your life. What a tragedy for someone to divorce you or an upset happen in your life and you refuse to move forward. It was once said that men cry hard but they don’t cry long-that’s a great lesson for women to learn. The heart has a great capacity to love. Although each love attachment is different a love attachment can still exist.
  4. Appreciate the good times and the joy of the people you loved. Thank God for the good times you spent together and attach positive memories with that interaction. Do not fall back into the relationship but attach positive feelings to the closing of that period of time in your life. Analyze what you do and do not want. Figure out what needs to change in you to attract, enjoy, and experience the love you deserve. Be open to meeting new experiences and people.
  5. Refuse to be a sad story. So you are apart. Don’t let someone end the relationship and you are the one to remain unloved, unwanted, and left to die the old maid or old man who has no one to love. Guarding your heart completely will result in the inability to let others get close to you. Here’s a secret – you have to love others into your world in order to be loved. You can’t guard yourself 100% and expect others to enter into your world or attempt to see a future with you when you are trying to keep someone away.
  6. You have an awesome and amazing life ahead of you filled with love, friends, family, and service to the community championing your beliefs. Live that life and never allow any unfortunately situation to destroy you.

Jody Watley - New Love


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