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What women want from men?

Updated on September 25, 2011

Women weaving the dreams:

Human aspirations circle around the basic necessities of life and its the necessities that teach the man to weave the dreams.Thoughts and imagination are such a wonderful stimulants of our life that strengthen it,bestowing with the new directions and opportuninities and providing the new horizons.

Every human primarily thinks the same way,feels the same way,reacts the same way and has many common needs,though every one has a variety of desires and variant dreams in life but there are some dreams seen by all of us.As the life moves on and on,its requirements change,desires and longings get a new shape.

Women needs are differnt than men likewise the level of importance for their achievement.As both take marriage from a different angle and womans perspective of marriage differs from mans.

Apparently women are supposed to have many aspirations, enormous longings and countless dreams that seems to be impossible to get a lay down but If we get a deep insight coming to the essence and reason behind the dreams woven by her we see women are not longing to everthing despite.

We can even count and the figure is not so high,for you men keep in mind. Protection and proper security is the greatest and the top most aspiration of every woman for which she endeavors eagerly and never wants to be insecure at any stage of life.

Now we look at what they are and how all of them are interconeccted to eachother,why and howmuch women crave for them? Notably,each of them provides women protection putting them on the safer side and endows a good life.


2)Economic independance

3)Independant property







10)Good life

Education: Either its from a regular college/university or acquired from any other institution,women remain curious to know new different things.Any good job cannt be found lacking a good educatonal background so women look ambitious of getting high education,they put more interest and it couldbe one of the reasons of their coming up with flying colors in the universities surpassing often male students today.

Women converse a lot than men do,dicuss,exchange knowledge & keep in touch with all the matters happenings inside and outside of their homes.

Economic independance:A woman doesnot want to be totally on others (males) shoulder.She likes to be economically independant having her independant property. She would love to have her home where she can decorate a little paradise of her choice.

Equality:In every field woman wants equality and be acknowledged the same way as men for their work i.e equality of reward for equal deeds.She is sensitive to inequality toward her.At her parents home she cannt ignore if her parents assign a priority to her brother.


Job:As a job assures her some sort of economic independance,she likes having good job,well position and a good status in the society and among her friends.

Respect:She wants to be honored and esteemed and can never stand degradation.

Privacy & Freedom:She doesnt like interference in her matters and likes having some kind of privacy and freedom.She wants her opinions be heard properly,dislikes a tightened life and else controlling her.She likes to have latest clothes ,dressing up her own way,affinity for fashion and muchmore like that.

Marriage:From the golden childhood days to the memorial marriage day,she lives in her fabricated dream world.Marriage is something most awaited,cherished and hope- affiliated in her life.She feels marriage a way to security in a relationship.She wants to be loved,cared,catered,supported,protected as a marriage secures her life properly.She cherishes having babies,endear them and love to have her own family. Moreover, she likes to look young and beautiful and never feels comfortable disclosing her age.

On the other side divorce is the most disgusted thing in her whole life,she tries her best to keep the tie remain tight until & unless she senses departure becoming very essential.

Good life:Overall a woman wants to have a decent and sober life yet luxurious and cozy.



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