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How to seduce girls

Updated on September 27, 2011

How to seduce a girl and make her your girlfriend

Before I commence on what seducing a girl is and should be let me mention a number of things to you, yes I mean you reading this article the guy who really wants to know how to seduce girls like a fisherman lures and catches fishes. Before you ever think of seducing a girl let the following things be made clear to you.

1.       Not every girl can be seduced or caught

Some girls are too full of themselves. Trying to seduce such girls is a waste of time (regardless of their looks and compunctment) as they are in a world of their own (totally unrealistic and problematic). They are better left to be on their own. In this class of girls are the gold digging, ass kissing, egotistical, servile and overambitious girls who always want to seem more important than they really are. These girls want to date the most handsome, richest and most powerful men when they themselves might be very ugly, wretched and miserable looking.

2.       Not every girl will like you

Regardless of your looks and financial status some girls will not be interested in ever dating you. It might be your behavior, appearance, level of civility or even intelligence that puts them off. Being handsome, rich and successful means nothing to these girls as long as you are the one possessing such traits, so learn to move on and ignore such girls they too are not worth the chase.

3.       Not every girl is worth the chase

As I already stated not every girl is worth the chase even when they are obviously gorgeous.

4.       Some girls are beautifully wrapped hags

Many girls exhibit a fusion of ugliness with pretence to portray an image that is larger than life. They might rely entirely on their cosmetics and sexy shapes to feel attractive and sexy but beyond this there is nothing else to offer. Such girls are ugly at the core of themselves with very bad manners and character that is nothing to right home about. They too are not worth seducing.

5.       Rejection is unavoidable

In this game of seducing girls there is one thing you must keep at the back of your mind which is that you might be rejected more times than you are accepted. Sometimes rejection is a test for how you will handle greater challenges when they present themselves and it isn’t personal. A girl might have someone she is seeing and might consider dating you to be trouble. She might also never fancy herself going out with you so don’t take rejection to mean she hates you or you are not good enough for her or most girls for that matter.

6.       Sometimes playing hard to get is really an attempt by the girl to make herself feel special

If the girl you are after seems determined to make you chase her continuously or endlessly, give her a break, if she is interested she would cleverly get in touch with you. But be on the look for girls who use similar tactics for more than one guy, they are simply trying to gratify themselves.

What is the real meaning of seducing girls?

So now you are ready to start seducing girls let us define seducing girls shall we. To seduce a girl means to use your natural or artificial charm to make her see you as a worthy companion, friend, lover, benefactor and possibly sex mate without you literarily forcing her to recognize you as these. In other words it means being able to appeal to her emotionally and intellectually but with greater emphasis on emotions. Making a girl feel emotionally secure around you is the first step towards seducing her. They want to feel assured of their future and so expect their men to be qualified in providing them with that need. So what are the things that attract women to men or what are the qualities in men that charm women?

1.       Confidence

When you spot the girl you like to seduce be very confident when dealing with people around her and also with her. Show her that you are not intimidated by other people regardless of their social and economic classes. You must exhibit boldness and bravery without being arrogant or proud. A good way to exhibit confidence is to have a mind of your own not following the crowd mindlessly and also being independent.

2.       Intelligence

With intelligence girls are wowed by the depth of one’s perception and knowledge. An intelligent man commands respect even with his enemies, girls are impressionable and need a leading hand hence a man they look up to with greater intelligence tends to become a source of inspiration to them. If you are below average intelligence and cannot overwhelm girls with your intelligence, then free yourself of agony go for girls of your kind.

3.       Success

Success has many friends very true if you are rich and famous. You will attract all manner of girls including ugly hags and miserable bimbos. Not to worry you have a choice, date girls who are not moved by material or vain things like wealth, assets, personal belongings or money. It is usually better to approach strangers for a relationship than people who already know who you are so offer a test to screen out undesirable and unworthy girlfriend materials.

4.       Lifestyle

Decency is attractive to decent girls just as a wild and weird lifestyle is attractive to adventurous girls. Both good and bad girls can be adventurous so it shouldn’t surprise you to see good girls who are attracted to bad boys and vice versa.

5.       Looks

Looks that express manliness is very attractive to women. Most girls, especially teenage girls always want men with big biceps and huge chests or other forms of appearance that expresses athleticism. Also a handsome face and suaveness all adds up to having an attractive look.

6.       Companionship and solidarity

Men who show that they are concerned about the safety and well being of girls would seem to be caring and most girls like caring guys. Showing behavior that seems caring (by being hospitable, friendly and supportive to girls) would be taken as caring attitude and this draws girls closer to men than even success or intelligence.

7.       Character

A man known for speaking the truth and having a good reputation for honesty, girls are especially secure around such men. However that doesn’t mean telling the truth even when it is awkward is an attractive option to most girls just that it helps to keep them assured that a man of character has good intentions.

8.       Sexiness (for vain and erotic girls)

Showing and expressing sexuality but rather prudently is very seducing to girls but only to those that aren’t afraid of expressing their sexuality.

If you are able to fake these qualities you would naturally appeal to most women. Even if you are far from being any of what you portray yourself as being you would still be attractive to most girls and of course seductive.

Screening girls for eligibility

Since we know that not all girls are worth the chase it is only proper that we screen out the undesirables. The first step is to have a decent conversation with your target, ensuring that you ask probing questions without being spooky. Once you are able to place her into a mental or emotional class that suits your type of person then you can now apply the charm on her. Many guys use dates and social outings as ways of screening out undesirable girls.

Conversation is the much needed icebreaker

Most girls love to chat. Engaging them in conversation is a very easy way to make them feel relaxed and at ease. Girls will naturally open up and even become more dependent on you as you continuously converse with them. Making them laugh is even better as you are appealing to their emotions and soft spots.

Getting down with business

After building an acceptable level of familiarity with them, it is time to get to business. Try buying them gifts they would appreciate or inviting them to places you know they would love to go to or do things they enjoy doing. Offering them these weakens their resolve to be hostile towards you. You might find them becoming obsessed with you to the point that they might call or check on you very often at least more often than they previously did, at this point you know your seductive charm is doing its work. Whatever your intentions are, the girl is yours.

Just remember that to seduce a girl you have to weaken her resolve to be hostile and you can achieve this by being charming (doing things or possessing qualities they find attractive).

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    • profile image

      Shasank shah 

      6 years ago

      it's very easy to seduce a girl..... not a big deal for me... becoz i m used to seduce casually women around.....

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      its easy to seduce as long as you know what you have in store for a women before you approach here have an agenda but hide the fact that its all planned out if one pickup line does not work resort to another always be confident that is a big key


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