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How to keep a man happy and satisfied

Updated on August 30, 2014

Keep your life

So, you have just found this great man and started dating. What is the first thing you do? You do not quit your job and start a sort of fan club for your new man. Men are attracted to women who enjoy life and have fun. You snagged the date, so that is the first step. The worst thing you could do is change who he fell for to begin with.

Of course it is good to make time to go out and get to know your new man, but keep in mind all of what you usually do. Still have girls nights, your friends may not undrestand if you ditch them for weeks when someone new is in your life. The first few months of a relationship are usually hot and heavy, you want to see your significant other all the time. Just don't forget the rest of what is going on.

Always leave them wanting More

 This may be a bit of an extension of the first.  Men like a challenge, so give them one.  I don't mean with games and childishness, but from with holding on your part.  Why buy the cow when the milk is free, is an old term that still holds true.  But with your heart and head as well. 

Some times be the one to hang up first. 

Peck him on the cheek and quickly dash in side.

Better yet, give him a kiss he won't forget and slowly walk away.


Have fun!

Why get drudged in to the same old same old routine of dinner and a movie?  Go out and have a picnic, I mean really when was the last time you did that?  Go watch one of his favorite games locally.  Go hiking, boating, swimming, scuba diving.  Just get out there and have fun!  Men love women that are active and will get out and do things.  Take some pressure out of the date, do something you both enjoy.  Come out of your comfort zone a bit, but be sure that he is willing to do the same for you.


Show your domestic side

 Cook him a nice candle lit dinner from scratch.  Crack out the old cook book and have a real go at it.  Cut some fresh flowers and make a nice center piece.  If you want a relationship out of your current mate, let him know that you are capable of the domestic side.  The way to a man's heart is through his fly, another old but true saying.  Keeping your house clean is another thing he will silently be looking into.  I have known several male friends that are almost instantly turned off of a disarrayed apartment.

Mysterious without secrets

So nothing will make a man or anyone else for that matter cringe, then your whole life story ten minutes in to meeting you. When you date, make sure that he is talking and inputting as much as you are. It is good to share your life experiences as this is how we get to know each other, however let him talk as well. Don't be the horrid date that drones on and on about your puppy when you was ten.

Men like a little mystery so play that up without being completely elusive. I have noted that the less I say about my day, the more he will seem to want to know.  On the other side, men like to be able to feel vulnerable.  Be the one who will not judge him and back him up when he is needing a boost.  Alot can be said to the women who can take his deep dark secrets in stride.  Although they may not be as verbal as women, it may claim to the reason the seem to have such a need to relieve themselves of their emotions so much.

Stop texting

 Yes stop texting!  So much is lost in a conversation from phone where you lose body language and facial expressions.  Think of how much more communication problems you are going to have when you can't at least hear their voice?  I mean be honest, how many arguments and misunderstandings have you gotten in to because of a text.  Take the time to actually call him and hear his voice.

Stop Over reacting

 Don't be the crazy girlfriend who calls every five minutes to check on your man, with the tell tale, "what are you doing" line.  It is detested from both sexes although I will guarentee more so for a man.  Not only does this show him that you do not trust him, but also that this will always be an issue.  If you are already have feelings of him cheating, leave now.  Most of the time your intuition will be true and you can use all of that energy on something more appropriate and useful.  Get the facts if you deem him worthy for the time and then handle accordingly.

Be Confident!

 Hold your head up high and show your confident side.  Easier said then done sometimes, but know you are a beautiful strong women.  Keep in mind you do not need this man to make you whole and you have just as much to offer him as he does you.  If he does not have as much emotional to put in to the relationship you may decide he is not even worth your time.  But know what you want and don't settle.  Men will flock to you as your confidence shows.  Please keep in mind as well, they will only do what you allow them to do.  If you do not allow games and nonsense they will either get with the program or you can move on.  Take the time to put yourself together that you are comfortable in your own skin and enjoy your dating experience.

Got milk

 So you decide to give up the coveted milk eh?  Well, if it is worth doing, do it right.  Most common mistake from women in my experience is lack of participation.  Which to me would seem ridiculous, but why would someone enjoy something if you treat it as a task?  This is something that is meant to be enjoyed and should most surely be.  It is one of the quickest ways to launch a man to the next level, but giving it away to quickly will cheapen it somewhat and may take you out of the running for a relationship.

Try new ways and positions.  Take a night and only make it for him, sometimes a night of a massage and gentle release is the way to go.  And just remember, men are very visual.  After you are done with him, let him watch you.  We all want passionate, great sex, so have it.  You are half of it so do your part.  Talk dirty and let him know that you want him, he will perform better for you!


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    • kaiyan717 profile image

      kaiyan717 4 years ago from West Virginia

      Wow, going in the way back machine for this one. Maybe TMI, but I stand by it lol!

    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great dating tips for single ladies on Valentine's Day! (maybe the last part "Got Milk"is TMI, but shared with followers for Valentine's Day! :o)